Nek plonz to nam dan fon lamer
Si to’le konn zistwar enn fler
Ki finn ouver so bann petal
Dan enn gran tourbiyon rafal.
Si to’le konn zistwar mo fler
Tranp to lespri dan lamer kler.

Lontan-lontan enn gramaten
Dan koumansman so gran desten
Douler-douser dan vant later
Ti donn nesans enn bout later.
Dan bout later enn zwazo bren
Ti vinn depoz enn ti lagren.

Lerla bann flev lor nou later
Plonz zot lespri dan fon lamer
Pou tras ansam sime Listwar
Pou ranz lespwar ar dezespwar.
Dan profonder desten amer
Tou larivier zot rev mem fler.

Dilo Lasenn, Lalwar, Nizer
– Dan profonder desten amer –
Dilo Ganga ek Zambezi
Ponnaïyarr, Godavarri,
Flev Yangtze Kiang, tou larivier
Ar zot lespwar aroz mem fler.

Tou bann dilo finn melanze,
Li bet aster sey separe!
Nou bout later finn donn enn fler,
Nou selebre so lalimier.
Olie tir lay ar lepase
Nou dir ansam ” Mersi Bondie “.

Dip your soul in marine depth
To find out my flower’s tale
Which opened out her petals
In great gusty confusion.
To find out my flower’s tale,
Dip your mind in clear blue sea.

One morning long time ago
At the dawn of new beginning
Painful bliss in Gaia’s womb
Gave birth to a new island.
A brown bird on this new land
Dropped a seed, the seed of life.

Then Gaia’s rivers everywhere
Dipped their minds in marine depth
To chart history’s course
And build heaven in hell’s estate.
Deep in the heart of bitter fate
They all dreamt of the same flower.

Waters from the Seine, Loire and Niger river
– Deep in the heart of bitter fate –
Waters from the Ganges and Zambezi;
From Ponnaiyar, Godavari
Yangzi Jiang – from all rivers –
They washed with hope the same flower.

All the waters have mixed into one;
Splitting is a futile game.
Our land has brought forth a bright flower;
Let’s celebrate its brightness.
Don’t waste time nit-picking!
Let’s rather say “Thank you my Lord God.”

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