Anba pie tamaren kan peyna pou’al lekol
Mo Tata Iranah, enn ti-frer mo granper,
Atir tou bann zanfan – bann marmay fer laronn
Kouma grap mous dimiel otour fler roz vieyfi
Pou nouri rev sekre kot ti-bout manz gro-bout –
Pou fer nou viv ansam atraver lang Kreol
Zistwar bolom loulou, Tizan gran debrouyar,
Zistwar gato kanet, yev dan basen lerwa.
Mo Tata Iranah depi bien-bien lontan
Finn kit nou, finn ale. Enn gran lakaz beton
Dan plas pie tamaren pe sey efas memwar
Ti-garson Foukalend ki ti aprann reve,
Ki ti aprann koze, ki ti aprann panse
Anba pie tamaren. Peyna pli bon lekol.


Beneath the old tamarind tree when school was closed
Grandad Iranah, Tata’s young brother,
Gathered all children – a ring of kids
As honey bees sucking nectar from wild flowers,
Cherishing the dream of the dwarf killing a giant –
And made us relive through our language
The adventures of Tizan against the big bad wolf,
The story of sweet marbles, the hare in the king’s pool.
Grandad Iranah left us a long time ago
And now a concrete house stands
Where the tamarind tree used to be
To blot out Crazylands boy’s history
Learning to dream, to speak, to think
Beneath the tamarind tree. The best of schools!

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