Kouma to bien! Kouma to bien!
Dan so lebra kouma to bien!
Kan to gagn fen, kan to gagn fen
Se so lekor ki nouri twa.

Kouma to ge! Kouma to ge!
To ti lemonn bien proteze.
De lizie fier ki trakase
Pe vey twa fer to premie pa.

To rapel kan Claudette vini
Ar so divan ek so lapli
To ti lekor ti pe tranble,
To ti leker ti pe sote.
Kisannla dan so de lebra
Ti anvlop twa pou konsol twa?
Kisanla sa? Kisanla sa?

Enn fwa, aswar, to rapel bien,
Lafiev-kosmar kouma koltar
Ti pe bril twa ar marenwar
Dan tourbiyon enn lasesres.
To lekzistans ti menase.
Akote twa lor bor lili,
Lasours lavi ti pe veye.

Nou tou ti ge! Nou tou ti ge!
Lorkes ti pe fer nou danse,
Nou lespri ti pe voltize,
Nouvo lavi ki koumanse.
Laba dan kwen pre kot gato,
Leker sere deryer sourir,
Vit-vit li ti efas enn larm
Pou ki personn napa trouve.

Li for, li feb, li zenn, li vie,
Li krent, li smart, li kabose
Li ankor pe vey to sime.
Dan so lizie fier-trakase,
Nanye napa kapav sanz sa,
To res ankor so ti baba
Ki li’nn nouri ar so lekor.

Anou sante! Anou sante!
Zordi so fet, anou sante.
Me selma fale pa bliye
Enn ti panse pou malere.

Gosh, you’re happy, very happy!
And in her arms you’re so comfy!
When you’re thirsty, when you’re hungry
It’s her body that feeds you up.

You’re so cheery, you’re so cheery!
Your little world’s sitting pretty.
Two proud worrying eyes
Watch you make your first steps.

Do you remember Claudette’s
Hard rain and stormy winds?
Your whole body shook in fear;
Your heartbeat jerked.
Who in her arms
Held you in comfort?
Who was it? Who was it?

One night – remember? –
Black nightmarish delirious fire
Was consuming your lifeblood
In a dehydrated whirlpool.
Could it be the end?
By your bedside
Life’s fountain kept watch.

We were happy, very happy
Dancing to the beat of the band
Spirit on high;
New life’s starting.
There alone near your cake,
A forced smile hiding some fear,
She quickly wiped a drop
So no one might see.

Whether strong, weak, young, old,
Spruced up, elegant or afflicted,
She keeps watching your steps.
In her proud worrying eyes,
Nothing will change that,
You’re still the baby
She fed with her own body.

Let us all sing! It’s mother’s day, let us all sing!
But let’s not forget a little thought
For those in pain.


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