Bann zetwal lor later pe transpers tou bann vwal.
Gran freser marenwar pe fonn ar nou saler,
Lalimier dan leker pe ekler bann lapas,
Tras sime vwayazer, efas tas dan lespas.

Bann sante tou kouler pe chombo liniver,
Bann mitay kolorye ar parfen laroze
Kouma harr dan leker pe sikre santiman,
Fer disan bann imen bliye gran, bliye ran.

Lamizik Divali ar parfen kolorye
Pe aroz bann petal lor sime so zanfan.
Bann miray pe grene! Tou bann far alime!
A Bondie! Fer mirak Divali kontinie!

Nou tou bann vwayazer lor later efemer
Me nou ranz bann miray otour nou kont ser-frer,
Pas letan louk vwazen atraver trou miray.
Bann miray pe grene! Anou partaz mitay!

Stars on earth run through Maya’s veil.
The night’s cold melts with human warmth;
The inner glow lights up the pass,
Charts the way and clears up mess.

Multicoloured songs hold the universe;
Rich hued sweetmeats with dew fragrance
Like godly garlands grow new feelings
And make us feel we’re kith and kin.

Divali’s music with colourful aroma
Strews rose petals on her children’s path.
Walls are crumbling down! All lights are on!
Oh Lord of lords, let this go on!

We’re all travellers on Maya’s land
But we build huge walls to keep off the rest
And spy on others through holes in the walls.
Walls are crumbling down! Let’s share sweetmeats.

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