Excuse my naivete! I believe that if any person has reliable information concerning some unlawful activity, they (he or she) should report it to the responsible authorities and/or make it public. Honorable members of our legislative assembly have said that they possess damning information on the prime minister which they will make public if he does not resign immediately.
Excuse my naivete! Does it mean that if the prime minister resigns, they will keep the information concealed? Is this not BLACKMAIL being given a moral coating? Is this not a colourable device? Have I not the right, as a citizen, albeit naïve, of the republic, to know what horrors the prime minister is guilty of?
Excuse my naivete! Freedom of information and transparent governance are daily pronounced as basic rights. Have I not the right to know to be able to use my voting right judiciously?
EXCUSE MY NAIVETE! Mujhe maaf kar do! Pardonn mwa!


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