(For my sister Dr Indu and Brother Dr Jijil)

At the age of three, in 1945, polio robbed me of my left arm. I have since been living with only one arm and have struggled through with some success. But in 2017, at the age of 75, I developed Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS). I was made to understand that I should be prepared to end my last few days in a wheelchair.
Then a miracle happened. A force beyond my control opened a new door and I found myself in RAHA Hospital in Bamboo Lagoon Ayurveda Village. A FABULOUS PLACE!
Everything was different from what I had experienced before. There were smiling, loving and caring people from top to bottom, be they top medical specialists, nursing personnel, physiotherapists, Ayurveda massage professionals, kitchen-garden-cleaning staff.
After less than 2 weeks I started to sit, stand and walk squarely and straight without much discomfort. I started to feel like a new man. In fact, I had become a new man in both posture and outlook.
Raha Bamboo Lagoon Ayurveda Village is not only beautiful and comfortable as it stands by Kerala backwater, a superb lake. It is also a place where patients are offered food which is simply out of this world.
At the end of my treatment, I was given health instructions to maintain mind, body and spirit in good balance. Moreover, I was provided with medication for 3 months with the possibility of fresh purchase, if needed.
To ensure proper monitoring and update, Loga, my wife, and I have decided in favour of regular visits.
                                             Raha, to finn rant dan mo douniya
                                             Pou efas mo larm e donn mwa lazwa.
                                             (Raha, you have entered my little world
                                            To wipe all my tears and make me cheerful.)




There is a place where
Brain-damaged Baby Alia
Has learnt to smile.
There is a place where
MS Abir gets
Loving care
From manly Omar.
There is a place where
An ordinary manual worker
Keeps the garden
Beautiful and healthy
As a devoted and loyal soldier
In the army of love.
There is a place where
80 yr old PPS patient
Has learnt to watch
His sun go down
In complete serenity
For Ayurveda
Has won the battle against pains.
There is a place …
And the place



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