Date: 04.03.21
When kids enjoy pretend play (ZWE LAKAZ ZOUZOU), it helps them to grow. What happens when politicking adults indulge in PPP?
It is a well-known tactic to avoid real issues, to beat about the bush. It is the most practised self-promotion exercise, a special kind of “musical-chairs”, a metaphor which suggests an “activity where items or people are repeatedly and usually pointlessly shuffled among various locations or positions. It may also refer to political situations where one leader replaces another, only to be rapidly replaced…” (Wikipedia)
Is it not what is going on in our country? Is it not what all opposition parties are playing at?
We have in power a right-wing party inspired and supported by Indian fascism. Instead of joining forces to fight racism and economic, political and communal fascism, a huge musical-chairs fiesta is on to divert attention from real issues.
The 2 main culprits are the MLP and the MMM, 2 members of Socialist International, which are duty-bound to fight racism and fascism. Moreover, the leaders of the so-called “mouvman Sitwayen” do not seem to be aware of the dangers threatening our peace and security. They are against corruption but do not seem to realise that neoliberalism (economic fascism) is the main engine of worldwide corruption.
Moreover, the term ‘Sitwayen’ is misleading because it fails to differentiate between those who wield and share economic, political, social and cultural power and those who are forced to bear the brunt. The bourgeoisie and the precariat cannot be put in the same basket. This is pure and dangerous demagogy.
All opposition parties and their ‘Sitwayen’ allies are not in the least preoccupied by ‘Global Burning’ and ‘Climate Crisis’ just as the government. They cannot be taken seriously.
We need a new organisation which brings together progressives from all quarters.
In our days and age, a progressive is, above all, one who is against racism and fascism; one who is against the rape of Mother-Nature. For a progressive it is imperative that we end the financialisation of the economy; that green energy replaces fossil fuels; that solidarity and sharing oust greed and power-lust.

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