The writing was on the wall but many chose not to see it.

First the MMM. Wallowing in the fading memories of a glorious past gone by, the party seems to have become a family business, the expression of marginal ‘gens de couleur’ ambition reminiscent of ‘La Petite France’ ideology denouncing ‘l’invasion de la horde asiatique’. Led by a ‘Kolom Lapropiyete’ mentality, it has become more and more intolerant and anyone who challenges the opinion of the ‘Leader Maximo’ is marginalised and driven to quit. Then the mud-slinging Hitlerlike operation starts and the Mauritian version of Squealer – the divine of course – will officially decree and declrare that the departure of the ‘rotten ones’ has made the party stronger. The misnomer ‘transfuge’ is used for dissidents.

The 2019 election results show clearly that the Leader Maximo was again terribly wrong.

The Labour Party (MLP), having crippled roots and longing to be like its opposite, has become a non-recognisable Fabian organisation. Its followers are driven by habit and NOT by conviction; its leadership is now made up of technocrats who do not serve but strive to be served. Consequently, the bond between party members, the electorate and leaders, is broken and some at the top quickly abandon a sinking vessel to seek favours elsewhere.

The vanguard in the struggle for independence and sovereignty is slowly becoming the doormat of neocolonialism and an accomplice of neofascism. Are you surprised that the party’s rank and file are at a loss?

The MLP, once a national party, now has a clear ethnic physiognomy and seems unable to change in spite of repeated slogans about breakaway which sounds more like runaway.


The MSM has emerged as the main political party. Will it be constant to its dangerous neoliberal inclination or will it be forced by circumstances to open itself to considerations related to global burning, climate crisis, nation building, social justice, food security, functional literacy, gender equality, solidarity and sharing?



The Management Company of the Foundation is OCORIAN, 6th Floor, Tower A, 1 Cybercity, Ebène, Mauritius.

O Saraswati,
Twa ki kontan poezi,
Beni mo prodwi.

O Saraswati,
Dear lover of poetry
Bless this song to thee.


Eleksion plennti.
Elekter dibout touni,
Nanye pa vini.

Elections erect.
Voting subjects most expect
Orgasm not yet.

Kan vid dan lespri,
Servi parol koz nahi
Pou gagn lapeti.

When the mind is blank,
Use verbiage that’s dark and dank
And make them punch-drunk.

Trwa baton mouroum,
Mem longer ek mem groser
Pe rod siz lor tronn.

Triple murungas
Made of the same slick sickness
Compete for the throne.

Mo bizen koze!
Pou dir mo peyna nanye.
Samem mo sekre.

I must say something,
Though I just know sweet nothing.
That is my liking!

Kifer pou choupchap?
Mo ena drwa pou yap-yap!
Nisa baprrebap!

Why should I shut up?
It’s my right to open gap!
O delightful crap!

Anpes mwa koze?
Drwa koze Bondie done!
Aret simagre!

Why should I not speak?
It’s my divine right to tweak!
Don’t be such a freak!

Gran dimoun ti dir
Pa badinn ar lekritir;
Vey seki ou’ekrir.

Our seniors did say
Keep your writing well at bay;
Watch it every day.

Liberte koze
Finn vinn liberte zoure,
Blese, difame.

Freedom to utter
Is now freedom to slander,
Drag through the mire.

Fos idantite
Pe donn kapon liberte
Kraz laverite.

Gives poltroons a gratuity
And immunity.

Lafwa oroskop,
Ritiel sinema-iskop,
Samem plis ki top.

Faith horoscopic,
Rites cinematographic,
That is the new chic.

Ritiel korlalinn,
Lafwa finn kouma mouslinn
Pe nouri mofinn.

Rituals colourful,
Hollow faith, thin and wishful
Feed greedy mouthful.

Fraz aprann par ker,
Pa grav, pourvi konn so ler,
Sime Lesenier.

Rote learning is fair;
For words who cares? Tune is there!
The Lord does hear.

Pa rod fer konpran!
Zot prefer giling larzan
Ki donn kontantman.

Don’t try to explain!
They love money’s music plain
Which drives away pain.

Pa bizen aprann!
Teknolozi premie dann
Kan lespri anpann.

Why bother to learn?
Just let technology churn
Out new wisdom urn.

Nouvo youg lor baz!
Pa get letid ousa laz.
Nek get so bataz.

The new era’s here!
Learning and age lead nowhere;
Just watch for new gear.

Problem prensipal?
Sa enn zafer bien banal.
Get douri ek dal.

What’s the main issue?
No worry about this, you!
Just think of the new.

Konsome nonnstop!
Lor problem pas enn kout mop;
Amize ar dop.

Consume without thought!
Let all your problems be naught;
Don’t be overwrought.

Zordi nou vote,
Dime malang kontinie.
Lamok delivre!

Vote for heaven’s sake
For tomorrow’s same remake.
It’s just shake ‘n bake!