My roaring mouse is very upset. It thought it had the monopoly of ridicule but Sir Leo Carne, the non-veg lion, has humiliated it at the Ridicule Champion Contest.

After years of breakaway and breakthrough promises, he has shown masterdom at runaway techniques.

But to be fair there are clear instances of breakaway. Or if you prefer, we may use the buzzword ‘RUPTURE’. The Fabian Socialist Labour Party has turned neoliberal and is a worshipper of the the far right fascistic Indian Leader. Secularism, the principle of separation of the state from religious institutions, has been jettisoned in favour of political advice and wisdom from religious personae. Respected political leaders do not abandon their constituencies to seek a lift in another one. They simply resign as leaders.

A few days ago I heard the 3 representatives of the 3 political blocs/parties on radio and it seems that their aim was to shame Greta Thunberg and world Extinction Rebellion Movement for, listening to the Seethanens, Uteems and old and new pundits, one is led to believe that global burning and climate crisis are sheer inventions of deranged minds. Forget breakaway for we are all on a magical runaway cart.

Consequently, we need not worry that fundamental issues are ignored. Relax and enjoy the show to decide who is best at ‘hitting below the belt’.


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