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There once was a man
Bought a pair of specs
To be literate
As it did not work
Took the case to court

There are several avowed and unavowed opinions in relation to illiteracy:
• Most people are too stupid to master literacy skills;
• Literacy is useful only for office work;
• Universal functional literacy means shortage of manual workers;
• Literacy gives power to an elite.
For these reasons, money-grabbing business, vote-buying politics and arse-licking socioculturalism are not bothered by literacy issues. And yet the written word is one of the greatest human creations and the hallmark of civilisation.
In MMM, we prefer to ignore this. Preference is given to money and power and although we have the resources to build UNIVERSAL FUNCTIONAL BILINGUAL LITERACY (UFBL), we prefer to opt for the short-term-wasteful-easy-way-out. GLORY TO THEE!
And you know what? In the growing economy, vacancies cannot be filled as the thousands of male and female unemployed and unemployable illiterates are not skilled in any task that demands training and competence. Gone are the days of the pure one-to-one oral training involving craftsmen and apprentices. Modern ONGOING professional training needs the support of functional literacy. … KOUT LEPE DAN DILO?

Together with literacy, food security is a major problem but, as usual, money-grabbing, vote-buying and arse-licking blind us all. WE REFUSE TO GROW WHAT WE EAT AND EAT WHAT WE GROW.
And worse, oh worse, MMM has a very high rate of diabetes and obesity. Moris mari malad, mo mam (MMMMM)! Baprrebap!
Food security also means a new food culture for the Mauritius Creole Archipelago (MCA). After an attempt to make of Mauritius ‘LA PETITE FRANCE’, which was bound to fail, now the HINDUTVAWALAS want MCA to become CHOTA BHARAT (Little India). Food security in terms of production and consumption is to be buried in the rubble of ill-digested ancestral cultures.
And you know what? With GLOBAL BURNING ,CLIMATE CRISIS and RISING SEA LEVEL, food shortage and scarcity will sweep across continents.
Should we wait for famine before we start to think and act? PA POU ENA NI LEPE, NI DILO SANNKOUTLA!




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