In 1945, at the age of three, Polio robbed me of my left arm and about 70 years later PPS, Polio’s eternal accomplice, started to play havoc with my degenerating health with the result that I had to live with acute pain and difficulty to stand or walk.
I had lost all taste for things that made me what I was and helped me enjoy life. Although living in permanent pains and anguish, I realised that my wife Loga, my children, grandchildren and friends like Gerard, Christian, Myrna, Marie-Franҁoise, Bernard and others like my cousin Deva were terribly upset. SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE. But what?
My loving family and friends looked for solutions but nothing worked.
Then …
Saskia, the aqua therapy coach proposed a special programme designed for me and I was persuaded to give it a try. A few sessions were enough to convince me that the programme was helping me to face my dilemma. My problems have not disappeared but my outlook has changed. Readiness to fight, that’s me now.
Thank you LASOURS BIENNET. Thank you, Saskia and staff.

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