150 years ago, a great man looked at our language
His name was Charles Baissac.
The science of language has much evolved since.
Yet some people, who know better of course,
Refuse change and evolution.
50 years ago, some people,
Who thought they knew better,
Refused freedom from foreign rule.
Today, these very same wise guys
Together with certain have been champions of freedom,
Now deny the need for change.
Nation building is a lunatic dream!
Mauritius is Petite France, FULL STOP!
Mauritius is Little India, FULL STOP!
Mauritius, a creole island? COME OFF IT!
English, a creole language? DON’T BE STUPID!

Those early nitwits who study, write on and write in
Will soon be gone
But efforts to build a nation
With a national language,
A national culture
And a national purpose
Will resist backward-looking fanatics.

And the fight will go on
Between opposites
For life is a contradiction.

Date: 01.09.18

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