Date: 28.03.21
I believe that Dr. Jagutpal and his team are doing a very good job and only bitter, frustrated and biassed people would say the opposite.
The Leader of Opposition should understand that it’s not the appropriate time for hysterical nit-picking exercises. Dead people do not vote.
The early-retired Ex-Director of Health, sitting on a fat pension, should give up his sordid agenda of a decrepit and frustrated pop-star on the decline, making a fool of himself.
1. The human predator has thought that IT could carry on with the rape of Mother Nature and get away with murder. Now that creature has to understand that survival means developing a new lifestyle which is in harmony with nature. We must end the culture of cupidity, of the financialisation of the economy and of the commodification of life and nature.
2. For far too-too long we have ignored, blinded by prejudice and ignorance, a powerful communication tool which is our national language. Covid-19 now tells us what fools we have been. Can anybody imagine a national information campaign on Covid-19 in any language but Mauritian Creole, which since 1966, I’ve suggested that it be renamed MORISIEN (Mauritian).
The government which is doing a marvellous job against Covid-19 has again shown its inability to participate in the development of a national identity, so enamoured it is with Hindutva. Languages spoken by handfuls of people are taught up to H.S.C while the language which is the mother tongue of 90% of citizens of the Maritime Republic of Mauritius and a second language of the remaining 10%, does not feature in the list of languages which can be studied in forms 4, 5 and 6.

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