1. As a result of bad political decisions and maladministration, you and I, our children and grandchildren will have to foot the bill to the tune of over Rs5,000,000,000.
Who’s to blame? Anerood Jugnauth and his ministers, including Xavier Duval, Roshi Badain, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo to mention just a few. Duval and Badain are trying to “tir zot kanet dan zwe” with their favourite song, “Pa mwa sa! Li sa!” which their mentor taught them.
We have to admit that in this case Nuvin Ramgoolam was right.
2. Is it the end or only the beginning? After the Betamax case, we may have to face the music of the famous so-called Ponzi accusation.
3. One day our children and grandchildren will ask us who plotted to legally assassinate Sir Gaetan Duval.
4. We may also have to answer why the MMM has become BBB (Berenger, Badain, Bodha).
What then is the truth? Is it that our land is shepherded by Mephistopheles in the garb of a lamb?


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