Nouvo youg lor baz!
Pa get letid ousa laz.
Nek get so bataz.

The new era’s here!
Learning and age lead nowhere;
Just watch for new gear.

In the good old days, politics was conceived along the ‘LEFT, CENTRE, RIGHT’ spectrum. The demarcation lines were rather clear but not rigid. But today, everything has become blurred. The left has been marginalised; the centre has melted into the right; and the right is slowly creeping into the far right. Look at the Mauritian scene and you’ll understand.

The PTr of Fabian origin is now its own opposite. Fabian socialism believes in evolutionary socialism as opposed to revolutionary socialism (Marxism) but today this party rejects socialism as ‘palaeontological’ and is controlled by neoliberals who are prepared to worship Narendra Modi, a far right leader. Moreover, that party which was the political arm of the Mauritian working class which consists of Hindus, Catholics and Muslims has become the instrument of Hindu power and the next step could be Hindutva with its Varma, Juggoo and Baichoo.

The MSM – Mouvement Socialist Militant – is led by a neoliberal who worships the far right Indian leader.

The MMM which advocated socialism and nation-building in its early days has changed into a neoliberal party which has become the conservative political arm of the Euro-Creoles of Mauritius and is a constant wooer of any force which can help it into power.

The PMSD is ‘social-democratic’ only in name for the leader is a convinced neoliberal who is prepared, if needs be, to coalesce with the far right.


This is not a purely Mauritian situation. It is a wide world phenomenon. In France, for example, since WW2, the political struggle has been between left and right – socialist and bourgeois – ideology. Now the left wing organisations are shrinking like ‘peau de chagrin’ and the contest is between the right and the far right with the latter having an edge over the right as working class people driven by racism and xenophobia are dragged into the political mire. We see the same thing happening in the UK, the USA, in Europe in general, in Isreal. In India the anti-Dalit and anti-Muslim sentiment is getting stronger with the growth of BJP popularity.

Do not be surprised if eventually a coalition between MSM and PTr is ordained by their lord and master. Do not be surprised also if that political arrangement is blessed by Mauritian big and medium money of all colours for business with the Ambanis and Co. is very alluring.


The situation is alarming but not desperate. Throughout the world, in Hong kong, Latin America, Arab countries, the USA and Europe, common people are taking to the streets to challenge despotic and corrupt state power with some success. The more repressive the authorities, the more determined the people will be. Moreover, the global ecological situation will see a rapid degradation and the known state organisation and savoir-faire will be totally ineffective. Consequently, new and original social organisations will emerge. Humanity will have to invent new ways of production, distribution and consumption.


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