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there was once a dream
of equality
then came IZNOGOUD
and nightmare crept in

Absolute equality may be a crazy idea but it was thought that teamwork, solidarity and sharing could make a better world. The rigid power hierarchy of ‘feudocapitalism’ commonly known as neo-feudalism, based on money, status and power is definitely repugnant and inhuman but this is how the world is organised. This is what is perceived as civilisation. But is it? Can we go on with unequal rights and unequal legal protections for common people and for nobility, dominance of societies by small and powerful elite groups of society, and relations of lordship and serfdom between the rich elite and the poor people? There have been attempts to change but we must admit that “plus ҁa change, plus c’est la même chose” (the more things change, the more they stay the same).

For Iznogouds, there is no place for love, care, friendship, generosity or gratitude. Their motto is: KILL, KILL, KILL! TAKE, TAKE, TAKE!

Their bloated egos know no bounds.

They are like monsters of the deep preying on each other (King Lear, Act 4 Sc 2).

Did Christ die in vain?



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