With tremolo in their voices, opposition leaders, old and new, shed tears (crocodile?) and display publicly their sympathy/empathy for the suffering of the people and voice their outcry at the heartlessness of government. These patriotic and loving leaders are prepared to BE LED, so deep is their love for the people. They all hope the people will ‘desann dan lari’ (take to the street) and overthrow the government.
Some ex-ministerial-leaders turned political commentators (politologue) see clear similarities between Sri Lanka and Mauritius as for them, inter alia, a majority ethnic group is oppressing minorities. No joke! Half a century later, a political slogan of the 60s is resurfacing.
Please note that none of the genuine political lovers of the people are offering an alternative plan to alleviate the sufferings of the ‘oppressed’ people. What economic and social solutions are they proposing besides ‘ôte-toi de la que je m’y mette’ (get away from where I’m going on)?
Government is accused of high treason for their links with BJP and Narendra Modi. Would the Labour Party have a different policy if and when in power? Have you forgotten that I was taken to task by LP leaders and members for writing “THE MONSTER WE LOVE”, article in which I denounced Mr. Modi’s right-wing ideology? Would the crazy-dhoti-loving MMM dare criticise the BJP and Narendra Modi?


The old and new patriotic, caring and loving leaders are in a great haste to take power to save the country and people they love more than themselves. Two more years are too long a time to wait. They hope that the whole population will take to the street SPONTANEOUSLY and force the government to resign. What next? Power grab? Coup-d’état? Anarchy? Civilised general elections?
They believe that the whole population is fed-up with the government and want it to go. True or false? I wouldn’t know. However, I have my doubts. Call me ‘chatwa’ if you want. I have been called by all sorts of names, from ‘tilame’ (abnormal hand) to ‘vander’ (traitor). That has not prevented me from saying and doing what I think necessary. And I will go on.
There is a systematic campaign against the police à la Mélenchon. I believe that the loving and caring patriotic leaders are playing with fire and they will end up burning themselves.
Political parties in Mauritius, with the exception of one or two, are neo-liberal and are ideologically similar to those in power. Let the musical chair continue. I am too old, tired and sick to care.
God bless my country!


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