This short document is based on the assumption that illiteracy in the republic is a major problem although schooling is free and accessible to all (in theory) and that Afro-Creoles are the hardest hit by it for socio-economic reasons. Should you feel that this is a grotesque exaggeration, discard it. Otherwise, share it with those you think may help.


1. Introduce a new teaching method to be known as Bilingual Literacy which combines grammar-translation and direct methods to teach Mauritian Creole (Kreol Morisien) and English simultaneously for a few ‘periods’ per week. This is possible because English is also a Creole language and the two languages share many syntactic features. Experience has shown that the system has worked with learners who after 7 years of primary schooling have remained non-literate and non-numerate. That new method could be introduced in what has now replaced PREVOK. It will accelerate the development of oracy, literacy and numeracy in Kreol Morisien (KM) and English, two examinable subjects.

2. Develop a LEVEL 1 LITERACY COURSE for adults. Learners will learn 4 subjects – KM, English, French and Maths – the target standard being Primary School Achievement Certificate (PSAC). Bilingual literacy will be used to promote oracy and literacy in English and KM.

3. LEVEL 2 LITERACY COURSE for adults may offer the same subjects with the target standard being National Education certificate (NEC).

The book WI ENN TI PEI ME ENN GRAN LAVI, sections 2 and 3 (p39-157), may be of some help.


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