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Dear Almighty, help me Lord!
They say I’m polytheistic
Because in my prayers
Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are present.
They are the Creator,
The Preserver and
They say I worship idols
Because Shiva on His Bull
In our lounge
And Ganesha in Loga’s writings
Stand out.

     Goodness gracious me!
     God of destruction?
     Contradiction in terms!
     Rather Satan or Lucifer!

No Madam! No Sir!
Well versed Hindu faith finds
Repulsive and retrograde.
Life is a contradiction;
Nothing exists without its opposite;
Unity of opposites is the key to development.
Creation and destruction
Are the two faces of the same coin:
For the New to rise, the old must die.
Growth, development and progress
Are part of an ongoing process of birth and death
From the Big Bang to the Big Crunch
And to Big Bang 2.

And Vishnu the Preserver
Through different avatars (avtaar),
Be it Rama, Krishna or Jesus,
Tells us that temporary balance
Between creation and destruction
Helps the world go round.
What is here now is dynamic:
New universes are born and old ones
Simply die; our universe with its Milky Way
Is expanding
And will some day explode.

This is what well versed Hinduism is about.
I think!


Unity of opposites is the key to development.

Date: 13.03.22


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