If you want a good specimen of bungling-botching collage of ill-digested ideas, read this year’s President’s address “TOWARDS AN INCLUSIVE, HIGH INCOME AND GREEN MAURITIUS…” It is a typical neoliberal frequently regurgitated dream-selling exercise with a thin greenish varnish which is already peeling off.

Major issues are either omitted or simply tackled in a pedestrian way unaware of inherent contradictions.

Mauritius imports 80% of the food we consume and people with only a faint idea of problems ahead because of golbal burning, climate crisis and rise in sea level are expecting government to lead the way to food security. This term is not even mentioned in a speech which is about, inter alia, the greening of Mauritius.

So, our intellectual giants with muscleless and sinewless legs and bland vision want to whet people’s appetite for lucre galore and at the same time put them to sleep with soporific empty slogans.

Green Mauritius will invest in offshore drilling and seabed mining, two activities which will make matters worse. Moreover, it will generalise the use of LNG (liquefied natural gas) a dangerous fossil fuel. In other words, it’s going to be business as usual to please the Trumps and Modis of this world.

How can my friends Kavi Ramano, Alan Ganoo and Steve Obeegadoo be complicit in such treachery and dangerous opportunism?


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