The sun does arise,
And make happy the skies;
The merry bells ring
To welcome the Spring;
The skylark and thrush,
The birds of the bush,
Sing louder around
To the bells’ cheerful sound;
While our sports shall be seen
On the echoing green.

Old John, with white hair,
Does laugh away care,
Sitting under the oak,
Among the old folk.
They laugh at our play,
And soon they all say,
‘Such, such were the joys
When we all—girls and boys—
In our youth-time were seen
On the echoing green.’

Till the little ones, weary,
No more can be merry:
The sun does descend,
And our sports have an end.
Round the laps of their mothers
Many sisters and brothers,
Like birds in their nest,
Are ready for rest,
And sport no more seen
On the darkening green.


(Pou Kardinal Jean Margeot)
Ler soley leve
Fer lesiel riye
Laklos ding-dong-bel
Apel Samarel;
Zwazo tou kouler
Lor pie, dan lezer
Sant for-for, pli for
Ki laklos an-nor
Ler nou tap nou jal
Dan pei mazikal.

Ton Zan seve blan
Efas nou tourman;
Anba pie pipal
Korom amikal
Riye get nou zwe.
Ekout zot koze:
” Koumsamem lontan
Kan nou ti zanfan
Nou ti tap nou jal
Dan pei mazikal.”

Ler bann tipti fatige
Nepli kapav amize
– Soley al bwar dilo –
Nou jalsa net chombo.
Lor godi zot mama
Gran zanfan, ti baba,
Bann zwazo Makabe
Pe kas kou, pe reve;
Zot chomtayt bann jal
Dan pei mazikal.


Little lamb, who made thee?
Does thou know who made thee,
Gave thee life, and bid thee feed
By the stream and o’er the mead;
Gave thee clothing of delight,
Softest clothing, woolly, bright;
Gave thee such a tender voice,
Making all the vales rejoice?
Little lamb, who made thee?
Does thou know who made thee?

Little lamb, I’ll tell thee;
Little lamb, I’ll tell thee:
He is called by thy name,
For He calls Himself a Lamb.
He is meek, and He is mild,
He became a little child.
I a child, and thou a lamb,
We are called by His name.
Little lamb, God bless thee!
Little lamb, God bless thee!


Ti agno ki to mama?
To kone ki to papa?
Kisannla ti donn twa ler;
Lerb ver tann ek dilo kler;
Donn twa lalenn kotone
Pou liver ek pou lete;
Donn twa zoli ti lavwa
Ki met later dan lazwa?
Ti agno ki to mama?
To kone ki to papa?

Ti agno, tann mwa bien;
Ti agno tann sa bien:
Li ‘si li enn ti agno,
Li apel Limem agno.
Li dou e li pa violan,
Li ti pran form enn zanfan.
Mwa zanfan e twa agno
Nou pou toultan de matlo.
Ti agno, Bondie beni!
Ti agno, Bondie beni!


‘Father, father, where are you going?
O do not walk so fast!
Speak, father, speak to your little boy,
Or else I shall be lost.’
The night was dark, no father was there,
The child was wet with dew;
The mire was deep, and the child did weep,
And away the vapour flew.


“Papa, papa kot to ete?
To pe mars tro vit!
Papa koz ar to ti garson,
Sinon li pou plot.”

Lanwit ti nwar, ti garson tousel,
Ti lapli tranp li net;
Labou monte, ti garson plore,
Labrim kile, disparet.


The little boy lost in the lonely fen,
Led by the wandering light,
Began to cry, but God, ever nigh,
Appeared like his father, in white.

He kissed the child, and by the hand led,
And to his mother brought,
Who in sorrow pale, through the lonely dale,
Her little boy weeping sought.


Ti garson perdi dan laplenn tranpe,
Trike par fos lalimier,
Koumans plore, me Bondie toultan la,
Kouma so papa li fer;

Anbras zanfan la, trap li par lame,
Amenn li kot so mama
Ki ti trakase laba dan vale,
Plore pe rod so baba.


Sweet dreams, form a shade
O’er my lovely infant’s head!
Sweet dreams of pleasant streams
By happy, silent, moony beams!

Sweet Sleep, with soft down
Weave thy brows an infant crown!
Sweet Sleep, angel mild,
Hover o’er my happy child!

Sweet smiles, in the night
Hover over my delight!
Sweet smiles, mother’s smiles,
All the livelong night beguiles.

Sweet moans, dovelike sighs,
Chase not slumber from thy eyes!
Sweet moans, sweeter smiles,
All the dovelike moans beguiles.

Sleep, sleep, happy child!
All creation slept and smiled.
Sleep, sleep, happy sleep,
While o’er thee thy mother weep.

Sweet babe, in thy face
Holy image I can trace;
Sweet babe, once like thee
Thy Maker lay, and wept for me:

Wept for me, for thee, for all,
When He was an infant small.
Thou His image ever see,
Heavenly face that smiles on thee!

Smiles on thee, on me, on all,
Who became an infant small;
Infant smiles are His own smiles;
Heaven and earth to peace beguiles.


Rev dou, protez bien
Somey mo baba ar swen!
Rev dou, montre li
Douser lalinn lor lili!

Somey kalm ar douser
Tres enn kouronn set kouler!
Somey dou, anz lao,
Vey mo baba pe dodo!

Sourir dou, dan aswar
Protez lasours mo lespwar!
Sourir dou, mo mama,
Pa les fernwar bles baba!

Plengne dou, ti kolom,
Pa kas somey ti bolom!
Plengne dou, sourir dou,
Pa les baba gagn boubou.

Dodo bien mo baba!
Lavi dormi san traka.
Dormi anpe mo gate,
Larm to mama pe veye.

Baba dou, to figir
Montre Zezi so sourir;
Baba dou, kouma twa
Bondie ti vers larm pou mwa;

Pou mwa, pou twa, pou nou tou
Kan Li ti enn Bebe dou.
So figir dan to lizie,
So lalev tras sourir Bondie.

Sourir pou twa, pou mwa, pou tou
Kan Li ti vinn enn Bebe dou;
Sourir bebe So sourir sa
Ki sem lape dan douniya.


To Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love,
All pray in their distress,
And to these virtues of delight
Return their thankfulness.

For Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love,
Is God our Father dear;
And Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love,
Is man, His child and care.

For Mercy has a human heart;
Pity, a human face;
And Love, the human form divine:
And Peace, the human dress.

Then every man, of every clime,
That prays in his distress,
Prays to the human form divine:
Love, Mercy, Pity, Peace.

And all must love the human form,
In heathen, Turk, or Jew.
Where Mercy, Love, and Pity dwell,
There God is dwelling too.


Pardon, Pitie, Lape, Lamour
Nou priye dan traka;
Kan lapriyer finn ekzose
Nou dir mersi Papa.

Pardon, Pitie, Lape, Lamour
Limem Mama-Papa;
Pardon, Pitie, Lape, Lamour
Se So Zanfan, twa, mwa.

Pardon ena leker imen;
Pitie se so vizaz;
Lamour se Bondie vinn imen;
Lape se lenz dimoun.

Kan dimoun partou kote
Pe priye dan traka,
Zot priye Bondie vinn imen:
Lamour, Pardon, Pitie, Lape.

Bizen kontan Bondie Imen
Ki li payen ou Zwif.
Kan Pardon, Lamour, Pitie la
Bondie ‘si li la.


The sun descending in the West,
The evening star does shine;
The birds are silent in their nest,
And I must seek for mine.
The moon, like a flower
In heaven’s high bower,
With silent delight,
Sits and smiles on the night.

Farewell, green fields and happy groves,
Where flocks have took delight,
Where lambs have nibbled, silent moves
The feet of angels bright;
Unseen, they pour blessing,
And joy without ceasing,
On each bud and blossom,
And each sleeping bosom.

They look in every thoughtless nest
Where birds are covered warm;
They visit caves of every beast,
To keep them all from harm:
If they see any weeping
That should have been sleeping,
They pour sleep on their head,
And sit down by their bed.

When wolves and tigers howl for prey,
They pitying stand and weep;
Seeking to drive their thirst away,
And keep them from the sheep.
But, if they rush dreadful,
The angels, most heedful,
Receive each mild spirit,
New worlds to inherit.

And there the lion’s ruddy eyes
Shall flow with tears of gold:
And pitying the tender cries,
And walking round the fold:
Saying: ‘Wrath by His meekness,
And, by His health, sickness,
Is driven away
From our immortal day.

‘And now beside thee, bleating lamb,
I can lie down and sleep,
Or think on Him who bore thy name,
Graze after thee, and weep.
For, washed in life’s river,
My bright mane for ever
Shall shine like the gold,
As I guard o’er the fold.’


Soley tanto pe’al bwar dilo,
Zetwal pe kas palto;
Zwazo ansilans pe dormi
E mo lor mo lili.
Lalinn kouma’enn fler
Lao pe ekler
Ar plezir dousman
Lanwit souriyan.

Salam karo ek soubwa ge
Kot troupo ti broute,
Kot agno ti grignot lerb tann,
Prezans bann anz pa fonn;
Envizib, bann fe
Vers benediksion
Lor fler ek bouton,
Lor somey parfe.

Bann anz chek bien partou kote
Si zwazo bien oso;
Vizit bann lakav zanimo,
Anpes difikilte.
Si larm pe koule
Olie rev flote,
Zot fer larm dormi,
Vey dan bor lili.

Kan bebet feros atake
Bann anz plore, gete;
Zot sey efas laswaf disan,
Anpes grif bles zanfan.
Si ravaz kraz kor,
Partou sem lamor,
Zot okip bann nam
Dan lemonn tamam.

Laba lion ar lizie dife
Larm lor li pou verse;
Pou’ena pitie pou penitans,
Pou tou, bon sirveyans.
Pardon dres vanzans,
Lamour, pestilans;
Soufrans pa gagn bonn
Dan nouvo lemonn.

Lion la li dir, “Zoli agno
Anou dormi ansam;
Nou pans Zezi ki enn Agno,
Brout lerb, plore ansam.
Ar dilo pirte
Mo krinier briye
Kouma lor, matlo,
Ler mo vey lanklo.”


Can I see another’s woe,
And not be in sorrow too?
Can I see another’s grief,
And not seek for kind relief?

Can I see a falling tear,
And not feel my sorrow’s share?
Can a father see his child
Weep, nor be with sorrow filled?

Can a mother sit and hear
An infant groan, an infant fear?
No, no! never can it be!
Never, never can it be!

And can He who smiles on all
Hear the wren with sorrows small,
Hear the small bird’s grief and care,
Hear the woes that infants bear—

And not sit beside the nest,
Pouring pity in their breast,
And not sit the cradle near,
Weeping tear on infant’s tear?

And not sit both night and day,
Wiping all our tears away?
O no! never can it be!
Never, never can it be!

He doth give His joy to all:
He becomes an infant small,
He becomes a man of woe,
He doth feel the sorrow too.

Think not thou canst sigh a sigh,
And thy Maker is not by:
Think not thou canst weep a tear,
And thy Maker is not near.

O He gives to us His joy,
That our grief He may destroy:
Till our grief is fled and gone
He doth sit by us and moan.


Kapav get enn lot soufer
San santi pwa so douler?
Kapav get enn lot sagren
San rod enn konsolasion?

Kapav get larm pe koule
San pran kont enn malere?
Kapav sa pou enn paran
Get so zanfan plor disan?

Kapav sa pou enn mama
Les baba touf dan traka?
Non, non, non! Peyna sime!
Peyna sime! Peyna sime!

Dir mwa si Li, Li kapav
Tann ti zwazo may dan kav,
Tann ti mwano dan tourman,
Tann soufrans bann ti zanfan

E pa bord kot so lili
Pou vers konfor dan lespri;
E pa koste ar so ber
Pou vers larm lor so maler?

E pa pas lanwit, lizour,
Souy so larm, sakenn so tour?
Non, non, non! Peyna sime!
Peyna sime! Peyna sime!

Limemsa ti donn lespwar:
Li ti ne aswar dan nwar;
Ler vinn gran li pas martir,
Me zame perdi sourir.

Pa kwar ler nou pe sagren
Mama-Papa tas dan kwen;
Pa kwar ler larm li koule
Papa-Mama al chake.

Ar So gran serenite
Li fer sagren kaptile;
Tank sagren pe chombo nou
Li res la pou konsol nou.



‘Love seeketh not itself to please,
Nor for itself hath any care,
But for another gives its ease,
And builds a heaven in hell’s despair.’

So sung a little clod of clay,
Trodden with the cattle’s feet,
But a pebble of the brook
Warbled out these metres meet:

‘Love seeketh only Self to please,
To bind another to its delight,
Joys in another’s loss of ease,
And builds a hell in heaven’s despite.’


“Lamour pa rod so prop bienet.
Li pa pran kont so prop lavi
Me pou lotla li kas latet
E fer lanfer vinn paradi.”

Samem sante enn plot later
Ler lapat bef pil-pil lor li
Me enn kayou dan bor dilo
Sant enn sante zis bon pou li:

“Lamour nek rod so prop bienet,
Ansenn lezot pou so nisa,
Ar larm lezot li ranz so fwet,
Fer lanfer aval Nirrvana.”


Is this a holy thing to see
In a rich and fruitful land,—
Babes reduced to misery,
Fed with cold and usurous hand?

Is that trembling cry a song?
Can it be a song of joy?
And so many children poor?
It is a land of poverty!

And their sun does never shine,
And their fields are bleak and bare,
And their ways are filled with thorns,
It is eternal winter there.

For where’er the sun does shine,
And where’er the rain does fall,
Babe can never hunger there,
Nor poverty the mind appal.


Sivilize sa? Sakre sa?
Dan pei later fertil
Lafen trangle tibaba
Kot roupi sem initil?

Lavwa tranble pe sate?
Lazwa sa ki pe plengne?
Zanfan pe korde dan nwar?
Sa enn pei bien fatra!

Zot soley zame leve,
Zot karo peyna kouler,
Zot sime plen ar pikan,
Pou zot toulezour fer fre.

Partou kot soley briye,
Partou kot lapli tonbe,
Tibaba pa mordefen,
Lespri pa paralize.


In futurity
I prophesy
That the earth from sleep
(Grave the sentence deep)
Shall arise, and seek
For her Maker meek;
And the desert wild
Become a garden mild.

In the southern clime,
Where the summer’s prime
Never fades away,
Lovely Lyca lay.

Seven summers old
Lovely Lyca told.
She had wandered long,
Hearing wild birds’ song.

‘Sweet sleep, come to me,
Underneath this tree;
Do father, mother, weep?
Where can Lyca sleep?

‘Lost in desert wild
Is your little child.
How can Lyca sleep
If her mother weep?

‘If her heart does ache,
Then let Lyca wake;
If my mother sleep,
Lyca shall not weep.

‘Frowning, frowning night,
O’er this desert bright
Let thy moon arise,
While I close my eyes.’

Sleeping Lyca lay,
While the beasts of prey,
Come from caverns deep,
Viewed the maid asleep.

The kingly lion stood,
And the virgin viewed:
Then he gambolled round
O’er the hallowed ground.

Leopards, tigers, play
Round her as she lay;
While the lion old
Bowed his mane of gold,

And her bosom lick,
And upon her neck,
From his eyes of flame,
Ruby tears there came;
While the lioness
Loosed her slender dress,
And naked they conveyed
To caves the sleeping maid.

Enn zour pa enn zour
– Ekout sa lamour –
Somey pou kase,
Later pou leve,
Tom lor lipie kreater.
E lerla dezer
Vinn zarden fri ek fler.

Dan lil paradi
Ti’ena enn tifi;
Layka ti so nom,
Li ti’ena set-an.

Pandan set lane
Nou zoli Layka
Partou ti promne,
Ekout kakatwa.

“Vini mo somey
Anba tonel fey.
Kot mo pou dormi
Kan papi fouti?

“Perdi dan dezer,
To piti pe per.
Kouma pou kaysou
Kan mami finn fou?

“Si leker fermal
Layka gagn dimal;
Si mama dodo
Layka lerla go.

“Aswar nwar bouder
Lor lasann dezer,
Les lalinn leve
Ler mo ferm lizie.”

Layka li kaysou
Pandan ki loulou
Dan kavern sorti
Vinn louk nou fifi.

Lerla lion rwayal
Vinn rant dan sawal;
Li fer enn letour
Otour so lakour.

Leopar ek tig
Zwe tiglaketig;
E lion milener
Dres so krinier lor;

Lis so lestoma;
Lor likou Layka
So lizie dife
Larg larm kolorye;

So madam lerla
Larg lenz tifi la
E zot sarye li,
Tifi andormi.


All the night in woe
Lyca’s parents go
Over valleys deep,
While the deserts weep.

Tired and woe-begone,
Hoarse with making moan,
Arm in arm, seven days
They traced the desert ways.

Seven nights they sleep
Among shadows deep,
And dream they see their child
Starved in desert wild.

Pale through pathless ways
The fancied image strays,
Famished, weeping, weak,
With hollow piteous shriek.

Rising from unrest,
The trembling woman pressed
With feet of weary woe;
She could no further go.

In his arms he bore
Her, armed with sorrow sore;
Till before their way
A couching lion lay.

Turning back was vain:
Soon his heavy mane
Bore them to the ground,
Then he stalked around,

Smelling to his prey;
But their fears allay
When he licks their hands,
And silent by them stands.

They look upon his eyes,
Filled with deep surprise;
And wondering behold
A spirit armed in gold.

On his head a crown,
On his shoulders down
Flowed his golden hair.
Gone was all their care.

‘Follow me,’ he said;
‘Weep not for the maid;
In my palace deep,
Lyca lies asleep.’

Then they followed
Where the vision led,
And saw their sleeping child
Among tigers wild.

To this day they dwell
In a lonely dell,
Nor fear the wolvish howl
Nor the lion’s growl.


Enn lanwit tourman
Layka so paran
Ti rod zot fifi
Dan rafal lapli.

Fatige, strese,
Anrwe ar plore,
Pandan enn semenn
Zot manz zot lapenn.

Set nwit zot dormi
Dan lakav minwi;
Zot rev zot bebe
Pe mor san manze.

Lor santie peyna
Zot rev zot baba
Nwaye dan lapenn,
Plore dan laplenn.

Latet fatige,
Leker dan mole,
Lipie vinn lagom,
Lizie finn vinn som.

So misie pran li,
Lev li, sarye li
Ziska lor sime
Lion pe repoze.

Pert-tan rod kile;
Sek-sek toulede
Tale dan kontour;
Lion fer zot letour.

Li renifle zot;
Enn kou enn, lot kou lot.
Li lis zot lebra;
Danze nepli la.

Dan lion so lizie
Ti’ena mirak vre;
Enn lespri an-nor
Pe briye for-for.

Kouronn lor latet,
So zepol anfet
Ar pwal lalimier.
Aster zot pa per.

Lion la dir, “Swiv mwa!
Peyna pou traka;
Dan sato ribi
Layka pe dormi.”

Zot swiv enn vizion
Ziska lorizon;
Zot trouv zot zanfan
Parmi tig mesan.

Zot lakaz aster
Li dan vale kler;
Zanimo feros
Ar zot finn vinn dos.


O rose, thou art sick!
The invisible worm,
That flies in the night,
In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy,
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.


O roz, to malad!
Enn los leker ros,
Viris envizib,
Ki gagn jos dan fos

Finn rant dan to nik
Lanfer paradi;
So lespri malis
Pe kraz to lavi.


Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder and what art
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And, when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand and what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears,
And watered heaven with their tears,
Did He smile His work to see?
Did He who made the lamb make thee?

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?


TigOTig, laflam lespwar,
Ekler lafore dan nwar;
Ki Lame ek ki Lizie
Ti fabrik pwisans regle?

Dan ki lwenten galaksi
Dife to lizie sorti?
Lor ki lezel Li’anvole?
Ki Lame ti chom dife?

Ki talan ek ki zekler
Ti tourn ner dan to leker?
Ler leker koumans bate,
Ki Lame ek ki Lipie?

Ki lasenn ek ki marto?
Ki laforz moul to servo?
Ki lanklim? Kot sa trape
Gagn kouraz tini pwagne?

Kan zetwal depoz zot zarm,
Lor lesiel zot vers zot larm,
Eski So sourir ti la?
Papa Agno, to papa sa?

TigOTig, laflam lespwar,
Ekler lafore dan nwar;
Ki Lame ek ki Lizie
Pe fabrik pwisans regle?


I went to the Garden of Love,
And saw what I never had seen;
A Chapel was built in the midst,
Where I used to play on the green.

And the gates of this Chapel were shut,
And ‘Thou shalt not’ writ over the door;
So I turned to the Garden of Love
That so many sweet flowers bore.

And I saw it was filled with graves,
And tombstones where flowers should be;
And priests in black gowns were walking their rounds,
And binding with briars my joys and desires.


Ler mo ti al Zarden Lamour,
Ki ou kwar ti may mo gete?
Enn Lasapel ti pe kas poz
Lor laplenn kot mo’abitie zwe.

Lasapel la ferme akle;
Lor laport ti dir “Pa gagn drwa!”
Mo ti retourn Zarden Lamour
Kot zoli fler ti donn lazwa.

Partou kot mo lizie tape
Pier tonbal finn pran plas bann fler;
E soutann nwar monte-desann,
Atas ar pikan raket, plezir ek dezir.


Dear mother, dear mother, the Church is cold;
But the Alehouse is healthy, and pleasant, and warm.
Besides, I can tell where I am used well;
Such usage in heaven will never do well.

But, if at the Church they would give us some ale,
And a pleasant fire our souls to regale,
We’d sing and we’d pray all the livelong day,
Nor ever once wish from the Church to stray.

Then the Parson might preach, and drink, and sing,
And we’d be as happy as birds in the spring;
And modest Dame Lurch, who is always at church,
Would not have bandy children, nor fasting, nor birch.

And God, like a father, rejoicing to see
His children as pleasant and happy as He,
Would have no more quarrel with the Devil or the barrel,
But kiss him, and give him both drink and apparel.


Mama O Mama, fer fre dan Legliz!
Dan tavern laba, dimoun pe sante.
Mwa mo bien kone kan pe pran mwa kont;
Lao dan lesiel zot pran zanfan kont.

Si dan Legliz ‘si ti donn labwason;
E ti met sofaz pou fer fonn glason,
Sante ek priye gagn gou pa ase;
Personn pa ti pou kap devwar sakre.

Apart fer lapres, ti pou bwar, sante;
Nou ti pou ere kouma fler lor pie;
Madam Lokloke, kankrela Legliz,
Ar zanfan normal, pa ti pou gagn kriz.

Papa-Mama liniver ar plezir
Ti pou get So zanfan pe viv ek zwir;
Fini konfli ar boutey, ar Satan;
Ansam zot ti pou bwar ek soulbontan.


I wander through each chartered street,
Near where the chartered Thames does flow,
A mark in every face I meet,
Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

In every cry of every man,
In every infant’s cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forged manacles I hear:

How the chimney-sweeper’s cry
Every blackening church appals,
And the hapless soldier’s sigh
Runs in blood down palace-walls.

But most, through midnight streets I hear
How the youthful harlot’s curse
Blasts the new-born infant’s tear,
And blights with plagues the marriage hearse.


Ler mo mars lor lari kapital
Akote larivier liberal,
Mo trouv partou mem sikatris:
Tras febles ek tras tristes.

Dan sak lavwa ki mo tande,
Dan lavwa zanfan ki tranble,
Dan sak diskour, dan sak kontra
Menot mantal pe fer fraka.

Zanfan pe fer travo forse,
Fer miray nwar vinn blan Legliz;
Solda vant vid ar soupire
Miray lerwa pentir anrouz.

Dan lari minwi ekout bien!
To pou tann tifi vann lekor
Modi baba so prop leren;
Modi for-for karos lamor.









Ti Babou pa ti fou,
li bien konn pas bagou;
li kontan fouy ti trou
pou may krab trouloulou.
Me enn zour san gete
li rant drwat dan enn trou
ki limem ti fouye.
Babebibobou boum!

Ti fanfan lor enn ban
pe flote dan divan.
Timama li kontan,
timama pa kontan.
Sove baba! Koutvan!

Tonton mars ar zon;
tantinn pa enn gon, do ta.
Tonton dir pardon.

Mo dir twa ala li zoli;
Oblize axepte li zoli.
Robine koule natirel,
Isi dan pei larkansiel.
Son, rit ek rim tou kalite,
Istorik, mazik, kolorye,
Efas egrer e ranz bann pon
Nasional, kalme divizion.

Ti ena enn mwa ki ti apel Zen,
pa kone kifer ti kasiet dan kwen.
Tann dir se akoz so gran kouzen Me
ek so ti kouzen, ki ti vinn apre,
ti pli long ki li, ti’ena trante-enn.

Moris ena boukou lasans!
Ale zanfan nou fer nou kont!
Dan madegonn napeyna rans:
Ena kalori ki plen vant;
Group proteinn ki donn krwasans
Olie gonaz ki fer vinn maf;
Napa bliye lezot sibstans
Ni so dibwa. Aret fer gaf!

Kan ou manz gonaz
fatra, ou vinn gro ek gra.
Lerla bez lor baz!

Zako fer grimas, tou dimoun riye;
dimoun fer grimas, tou zako boude.
Sef zako desid pou fer petision
anpes pa-zako fer imitasion.
Gran sef pa-zako pe gagn kongolo!

Li ron, li ranpli
ar manze, ar fortifian.
Fatra pa konpran.

10. SEGA
Son ek armoni fer mazik
Ekler aswar ar lamizman.
Gran kouma piti anmouvman
Akoz mazik nou lamizik.

Li kwar limem gran mazor,
kot li pase li kraz kor;
toultan li fer so fanor
ar seki pli feb ki li.
Enn swar li zwenn so sozi.

12. TI-ZAN
Li pa per ditou
lougarou, bonom loulou.
Li zis per monper.

Gran Gob pa tro lwen laba dan lenor;
Olwen dan lamer Kwennmir fer fezer.
Uday lor disab get bato peser
Dan direksion les, ti vilaz Poud-dor.
Laba dan Triyang, Sen Kler, Mamzel Zann
Elenn ek Vasou ansam pe konstrir
Nouvo lavenir andeor reper
Noubann ek bannla dan kamion anpann
San ki efas net bote tou kiltir.

Mo pie mang donn mwa
nouritir, douser, lonbraz,
fey ver ek dibwa.

Deeya avek dife kosmik
Isi ek laba pe ekler
Vilaz ek lavil tou kouler
Ar douser mitay lamitie.
Lespwar aster kapav sante
Isi, laba nouvo kantik.

Sami enn veritab trannkat;
lor marday peyna adverser;
lor koz manti Lisifer per;
lor triyange limem exper.
Abba, yer swar li ti faypat.

Aprann lir-ekrir
zame mo ti gagn li bonn
avan mo kiltir.

Kan mo ti ne dan sime Bonnvenn
Amam ti gagn premie tizanfan;
Ramdas ti move fier so tikok,
Tata ti dir Tifrer met sawal.
Ismael ek Botra donn kado,
Elama kraz satini koko.

Mo tantinn, mo tonton exite;
Ivan ek so tiser vinn louke;
Leela al lav lenz sal larivier;
Irenn donn enn koudme pou met sek.
Tou dimoun mo tann dir ti fite
E ti kwar enn gran-nwar ti leve.
Rate! Zordi zot tou regrete.

Li ena paysa. So tayer tir plan,
ranpli so larmwar ar dernie model.
Aster li kone li entelizan.
So nom lor lalis pou vinn prezidan
e so vantardiz finn sorti lor rel.

20. LIR
Met bann sign ansam
e souden enn gran laflam
ekler mo lasam.

Balfour apel mwa pou desann kaskad
Olie fer devwar, mont enn ran dan grad.
Bernar dir, “Anou lapes kamaron!”
Anon prefer zwe ar so servolan.
Silven li prefer lasal sinema;
Ezenn pedale, ris mwa ver Albion.
Nou dan Bobasen, nou ti bien ere.

Akoz li ti konn enpe Franse,
li refiz nenport ki lot koze.
Prononse, prononse, prononse!
Mem si seki ou dir li nahi
pourvi ki dan zorey li zoli.

Kan azout de sif,
divize, miltipliye
to nepli dan dif.

Rob kouler lapli-soley
Ousa seve larkansiel.
Zenes ki pa per sanzman
Isi zot tras zot sime
Lib kouma zwazo lete.

So lafwa pli finn ki papie mouslinn
me so bataz -Bap!- kouma lafime
ki peple lanfer kot pe bril pese,
anbet tou lizie, fer manti vinn vre.
Mem so lafwa finn, so toupe latrinn.

Fer li galoupe
avan piti konn marse.
Li’nn kas so nene.

Kordegard bar to vizion;
Adrwat enn ranze montagn;
Tourne, get kolinn laba
Boud montagn pli gran ki li.
Olwen lamer tous lesiel
Refer linite perdi.
Non! Non! Pa perdi lespwar!

Zot apel li Misie Sourir;
so fosdan lor toultan briye.
Li fer Bondie ek Lisifer
sign agriment, kas pognedme.
“De kontrer anfet mem zafer.”

Tilom dan lakour;
tififi dan lakwizinn.
Kot egalite?

Lamour li enn kado Bondie
Avek lekel nou lamitie
Marye-pike pou fer dibien
OUsa konbat malediksion.
Riye zanfan! Lamour prezan!

Enn fwa ti’ena enn gran komik
ki ti ouver enn tilanbik
pou fer pitay koul dan dalo.
Biznes marse foul-foul, bayo!
Ziska li vinn enn alkolik.

Tou seki dir li
li kontan dir, “Manti sa!”
Mo dir li zoli.

Porlwi mini-nasion-zini?
Olie fer zes ar vadire,
Resanble seki pa ete,
Li prefer koz laverite.
Wi, li koz so difikilte.
Imitasion pa enn zeni!

Dan mo pannchayat, matlo
nou trouv vwazen so defo;
lapay dan lizie vizib,
fourmi lor montagn vizib;
bef dan lakour envizib.

Bizen tes siyans
pou respir ler natirel?
Abe pou ekrir?

Abe pou ekrir
pa bizen lang natirel?
So lang maternel?

Mem li katar li kalifie
E pa bizen get so diplom;
Rezilta sa enn fos problem.
Initil koz sertifika!
To tann mwa bien? Li finn bien ne!

Li peng, li krab, li lare;
li pa kontan depanse;
li kontan zis ramase.
Mem manze li rod moufta
ziska li gout mortora.

Zame li done!
Dan so labib ena pran.
Pran ziska trangle.

39. DRWA
Donn mwa mo drwa do bachara!
Refiz mo drwa? Ki to kwar twa?
Waya-waya to nek zaza!
Aster mo ler pou kraz boja!

Zot tou rapel zistwar Vonvon
ki tou ti kwar li enn kouyon.
Akoz li ti gran debrouyar
li konn trase mem li dan nwar
ziska enn zour li vinn sanpion.

41. PALAB (1)
Parol enn lesel,
si palab pa kas lezel,
ed konket lesiel.

42. PALAB (2)
Parol fane ar lapeti;
Ale, vini fann so malang.
Li larg anvrak enn ta lapang
Abaz palab ek kalomni.
Bous nou lespri, may nou lalang.

Li enn bon zouvriye
ki pa kontan drame.
Mardi ziska Samdi
travay pa konn repi.
Ayo! Pa koz Lendi!

Amize Samdi!
Dimans kontinie Lendi
kas malad latet.

Li enn bon zouvriye ki pa per travay
E ler Samdi vini ar so pos bien plen,
Ni li, ni so matlo pa per depanse
Dan lakanbiz, magazen soulie
Itil, initil.

Ki to pe koze do ta? Ki to konpran, twa?
Olie to vey mo zafer, vey to prop zafer!
Radote! Radote! Rodote!
Dimann li lelandime ki ti arive
Omilie boutey vid, zanfan pe plore.
Napa kwar li pou rapel!
Ebenis rod soulazman dan boutey Lendi.

Li kontan rant dan bagnol,
fer vroum-vroum kot li pase.
Pieton, siklis atansion!
Li nepli bien konn marse,
so moter aster bat fol.

Kan vroum-vroum vroum-vroum
lesiel, later transpire
e Pol-Nor fer boum.

Vites manz vites lor vites,
Rapid fer rapid gagn latet
OUbien gagn laraz san fer zes
Mem si voiture la pe fer tret.
Vwazen pe louke par lafnet,
Razwar pe fite pou taye,
OUrit pe avoy so lapat.
Mamlouk ki extra exite!

49. DOMINER (1)
Kouma li zwenn pli feb ki li,
mesanste mont dan so latet.
Bebet touye pou so sirvi,
li li nek touye pou fer fet.
Zis seki for, li dir, trap fwet.

50. DOMINER (2)
Li kraz seki feb,
fer fam ek zanfan plore.
So zour pou vini.

51. DOMINER (3)
Dan so kafe peyna triyaz;
Otan ki posib li fer piyaz.
Madam, misie pas dan pake
Inosan ‘si gagn maltrete.
Nanye pa aret so lelan
E soufrans lezot fer so lasos,
Ranz so kari, ogmant so jos.

52. OBEZITE (1)
Piblisite diriz lavi
fer li konsom tou kosonnri.
Li viv lavi sivilize:
zwe video, loto, teve.
Lekor large, mix anvakans.

53. OBEZITE (2)
Li nana gonaz:
lokal, enternasional.
Gonaz kontrol baz.

54. OBEZITE (3)
Olie manz prop e fer fizik,
Balram prefer antonn mastik,
E pas lazourne lor lili.
Zot kwar mo pe rakont zistwar?
Imen viv bien kan li marse,
Travay lekor ek so lespri
E dir mersi Segner Bondie.

Li pa kontan konpran lezot
parski li kwar ki li tousel
entelizan, kapav konpran;
li li kas kot, lezot fer fot.
Akoz sa li toultan tousel.

Li entoleran;
zame li pa sey konpran
santiman lezot.

Enn dimoun ki kwar li konn tou
Napa ena anvi ditou
Tret lezot dimoun ar respe.
Olie fer zefor pou konpran
Lopinion entel diferan,
Ekler lespri ki dan brouyar,
Rod konpromi pou fer lape,
Azout enpe fraternite,
Nou gran peto fer so vantar,
Swazir sime plen ar pikan.

Li telman kwar li siperyer,
nene anler, li pa trouv kler
kan so vwazen ape soufer;
li pa tande zanfan plore
ziska zour li ti zwenn tase.

Nanye pa tini
lor fey sonz dan bor dilo.
Lamour prop bien sal.

Enn dimoun ki pa pran kont,
Ni soulaz lapenn lezot;
Desid ki limanite
Initil dan liniver;
Fidel ar so lentere
Ek ar so prop kamanber;
Rapel zis so prop ego
Ansam ar so prop zwisans;
Napa konn fer labous dou,
Sa zans la li pir ki mons.

61. GROSIE (1)
Li telman grosie ki mem grosierte
ler li get nou lom gagn mari onte.
Rafinnman ek polites al kasiet
dan kavo lamor pou pa gagn latet.
Kan li pe pase Sansitiv ferme.

62. GROSIE (2)
Degenn degoutan,
grosierte refiz limit,
fer manier kile.

63. GROSIE (3)
Gro zoure san ponktiasion
Roule lor koltar sime
Okler, san ezitasion,
San pider, san restriksion.
Initil rod kontrole!
Efase? Li pou refer.

64. POLITES (1)
Mo tonton li telman poli,
si so patron telefonn li,
galoupe li al met kravat.
Pa riy li! Li enn dimoun drwat
mem si to trouv li enpe mat.

65. POLITES (2)
Polites bien bon
me kan tro, ala li rann!
Exes polites?

66. POLITES (3)
Pou boukou, polites se pas bagou
Oubien expresion enferyorite.
Li enn manier kler pou enpoz respe,
Izienn sosial pou anpes fer progre;
Taktik politik pou bous tou bann trou.
Eski tousa vre? Pa bizen manier?
Si li pe zis dir bonte neseser?

Lizie bien gro, labous fite
me so ti vant perdi davans.
Samem zistwar Sir Gourmandiz
ki antone me zame rans
ziska enn zour vant eklate.

Dereglaz dosaz,
ekilibraz dan feyaz!
Gro lizie, ti vant!

Gro lizie defaze, depareye
OUver gran zis lor nisa asterla;
Refiz get seki dime rezerve
Mem si li bien kler niaz nwar plen laba.
Amizir zwisans fizik bat dolok
Nam pe angourdi, lespri pe gagn sok,
Desten fer koustik, tou garni fware.
Initil mo dir ki ti arive!
Zed ariv dan bit san satisfaksion!

70. PREZIZE (1)
Gran Malkom ti dir –li ti’ena rezon-
dan nou ti pei, sanse paradi,
nou fabrik disik, par tonn prezize.
Diskriminasion, samem nou kiltir!
Get defo lezot, pa nou pouritir!

71. PREZIZE (2)
Nou kwar nou prop net,
lezot ki bengn dan malang.
Lezot ki lanfer!

72. PREZIZE (3)
Parski to kwar tomem pli gran,
Red, ris, robis, to fer rasis
E imilie pa kouma twa
Zis parski zot enn lot kara.
Ipokrit dan to tabisman
Zame aret bril lazistis
E martiriz nou diferans.

73. MALANG (1)
Malang pa get figir ousa kouler!
Kan lekor malag, ledan pa brose,
seve pa pengne, zong kouler later,
lespri vinn malang, li kontamine
ar makacha pi ki polie leker.

74. MALANG (2)
Malang may malang,
partaz zot sekre ade,
lerla zot bwar bang.

75. MALANG (3)
Mo konn enn mamzel ki apel Mis Tang.
Ala li malang, ala li malang!
Ler bizen bengne li prefer vangvang;
Akoz so zong long li fer so chang-chang.
Nou bizen sove depi lavarang,
Galimacha pe netway so lalang.

76. PARTAZE (1)
Sipozon vremem nou tou egois,
ki nou lentere personel pli for
lerla, mo baba, napeyna lespwar.
Finn ena Zezi, finn ena Gandhi!
Savedir, baba,lespwar pa finn mor.

77. PARTAZE (2)
Kan nou partaze
olie gourman nek pans pran,
kapav espere.

78. PARTAZE (3)
Plito ki nek pans seki kapav pran
Anou get enn kou ki kapav done.
Rar-rar ki nou zwenn lespri partaze
Tandik ki lespri tap tou, plen mo pla
Alez dan lemonn “Tousa Pou Mwa Sa”.
Zame sa pa pou sanz baz, sanz zizman
E to perdi letan rod fer sanzman.

Kan enn dimoun andifikilte,
olie fer koumadir pa trouve
ousa zet enn gro ros pou koul li,
avoy enn golet pou sekour li.
Samem apel solidarite.

mo mazik sivilize,
fer nou vinn dimoun.

Sirman mo pa enn lil tousel
Ousa enn pie dibout tousel
Laba omilie bann karo.
Initil kwar lezot traver,
Desten gonaz ki san valer,
Aryer ki zwe deryer poto,
Roder ki tourn dan karousel.
Imen partou pe rev mem rev!
Tou dimoun zot dan mem kales
E ansam fer fas lasesres.

82. LALIMIER (1)
Ler fernwar fezer
nou bliye gran lalimier.
Big Beng zame tengn!

83. LALIMIER (2)
Ler toufann pe tourdi nou
souvan nou perdi kouraz,
les febles trap nou likou,
negatif fer so ravaz.
Get bien! Lalimier pa’nn tengn!

84. LALIMIER (3)
Ler brouyar touf lalimier
Ar so gaz ek so lasik;
Ler lafime trangle ler
Ignor zanfan asmatik,
Mazorite fer sanblan
Izienn dan jalsa piknik
E tou zanfan san paran
Rar-rar gagn dezagreman.

Larkansiel li pa zis enn lalians
ant later set kouler ek lesiel.
Parski so kouler pa melanze,
li linite dan diversite
ki donn nou drwa de idantite.
Akoz sa mo pa zis Morisien;
mo osi ate, kwar dan TREO
ar/san relizion, Kreol-Endien,
Kreol-Afriken, Kreol-Ero…

Kouma to bien! Kouma to bien!
Dan so lebra kouma to bien!
Kan to gagn fen, kan to gagn fen
Se so lekor ki nouri twa.

Kouma to ge! Kouma to ge!
To ti lemonn bien proteze.
De lizie fier ki trakase
Pe vey twa fer to premie pa.

To rapel kan Claudette vini
Ar so divan ek so lapli
To ti lekor ti pe tranble,
To ti leker ti pe sote.
Kisanla dan so de lebra
Ti anvelop twa pou konsol twa?
Kisanla sa? Kisanla sa?

Enn fwa, aswar, to rapel bien,
Lafiev-kosmar kouma koltar
Ti pe bril twa ar marenwar
Dan tourbiyon enn lasesres.
To lekzistans ti menase.
Akote twa lor bor lili,
Lasours lavi ti pe veye.

Nou tou ti ge! Nou tou ti ge!
Lorkes ti pe fer nou danse,
Nou lespri ti pe voltize,
Nouvo lavi ki koumanse.
Laba dan kwen pre kot gato,
Leker sere deryer sourir,
Vit-vit li ti efas enn larm
Pou ki personn napa trouve.

Li for, li feb, li zenn, li vie,
Li krent, li smart, li kabose
Li ankor pe vey to sime.
Dan so lizie fier-trakase,
Nanye napa kapav sanz sa,
To res ankor so ti baba
Ki li’nn nouri ar so lekor.

Anou sante! Anou sante!
Zordi so fet, anou sante.
Me selman fale pa bliye
Enn ti panse pou malere.


Pou Jean Margeot (Ton Zan). Enn tradiksion lib “The echoing green” par William Blake.
Ler soley leve
Fer lesiel riye
Laklos ding-dong-bel
Apel Samarel;
Zwazo tou kouler
Lor pie, dan lezer
Sant for-for, pli for
Ki laklos an-nor
Ler nou tap nou jal
Dan pei mazikal.
Ton Zan seve blan
Efas nou tourman;
Anba pie pipal
Korom amikal
Riye get nou zwe.
Ekout zot koze:
“Koumsamem lontan
Kan nou ti zanfan
Nou ti tap nou jal
Dan pei mazikal.”
Ler bann tipti fatige
Nepli kapav amize
– Soley al bwar dilo –
Nou jalsa net chombo.
Lor godi zot mama
Gran zanfan, ti baba,
Bann zwazo Makabe
Pe kas kou, pe reve;
Zot chomtayt bann jal
Dan pei mazikal.

Lor figir lalinn li trouv so zezer,
Lor reyon zetwal li get so pwenter,
Kan divan soufle, labriz mirmire
Toulde soupire, zot leker bate.
Samem nou apel ti zenes anfler.

Kan niaz plastisinn pe desinn zimaz,
Kan rafal lamer kit tras lor laplaz,
Sakenn dekouver figir so pwenter,
Zot nam pran lezer, resof zot leker.
Samem nou apel ti zenes anfler.

Kan zot lame zwenn bel bourzon frison,
Pli tipti kares provok explozion,
Lame dan lame zot koumans fer plan
Pou zot lavenir kan zot pou vinn gran.
Samem nou apel ti zenes anfler.

Ti zenes anfler dan zot ti leker
Pe santi zekler anflam zot boner.
Napa fer fezer, nou tou pas par la!
Nek fer enn zefor, rapel premie fwa
Kan zis enn sourir ti zenes anfler
Ti fer nou leker gonfle ar saler.

Poz to lalev lor mo poem
Fer mo sante vinn imortel,
Poz to lamour lor mo lavi
Fer mo lavi vinn eternel.

Dimoun partou pe boufonn mwa,
Zot dir koumsa enn fouka sa;
Zot pa konpran ki dan enn fler
Mo kapav trouv to sourir kler.

Poz to lalev lor mo poem
Fer mo sante vinn imortel,
Poz to lamour lor mo lavi
Fer mo lavi vinn eternel.

Dimoun partou zot tro serye,
Zot pa’le kwar dan lesiel ble
Ler soley dou fann lalimier
Mo kapav tann to lavwa kler.

Poz to lalev lor mo poem
Fer mo sante vinn imortel,
Poz to lamour lor mo lavi
Fer mo lavi vinn eternel.

Dimoun partou zot lespri lour;
Pa gagn letan pou pans lamour.
Zot riy foutan kan zot tann dir
Mo pran letan pou mo ekrir.

Poz to lalev lor mo poem
Fer mo sante vinn imortel,
Poz to lamour lor mo lavi
Fer mo lavi vinn eternel.

Zot riy foutan kan zot tann dir
Mo pran letan pou mo ekrir
Ar mo onet mo santiman
Ki bourzone mem dan koudvan.
Poz to lalev lor mo poem
Fer mo sante vinn imortel,
Poz to lamour lor mo lavi
Fer mo lavi vinn eternel.

Dimoun partou pe fer erer,
Poem damour li neseser
Parski lamour li eternel,
Limem fer nou vinn imortel.

Poz to lalev lor mo poem
Fer mo sante vinn imortel,
Poz to lamour lor mo lavi
Fer mo lavi vinn eternel.

Lafontenn ti bliye dir
seki ti pase apre.
Li vre sigal ti nachannya,
nek pans zordi, bliye dime
e fourmi ti’ena rezon
fou li enn bon kamoufle.
Enn ti-sok ti neseser
pou fer sigal retrouv kler.

Me seki nou poet pa finn dir
se ki kan movetan vinn pous bor
e sigal pe tranble, mordefen
fourmi la ti alim enn reso,
ti donn li enn kouyer dile so.

Fourmi la ti disip Zezikri.

To’le kone kifer
Mo nam gayar mont dan lezer?

Kan mo’le sante
Mo pa asiz lor liv gramer
Ousa dibout lor diksioner,
Farsfoud dideor.
Mo konpoz mo prop masala.

Mo pran parol zwazo Samarel,
Aroz lor li zepis larkansiel,
Vers ladan dile limanite,
Parfim li ar jafrann dinite,
Met enn pense mo lamour pou twa
E melanz tou ar mo prop ledwa.

Ala sekre mo prop masala.

Ti kouto, ti kouto, ti kouto koup,
ti kouto koup gro ziromon.
Ti kouto, ti kouto, ti kouto koup,
ti kouto koup gro ziromon.

Napa get so ti kalite,
napa get so ras;
napa get so ti kalite,
napa get so klas;
napa get longer so seve,
napa get so kars;
napa get seki nou trouve,
rod bote kasiet;
gete si li konn donn lamour,
lamour partaze.

Ti kouto, ti kouto, ti kouto koup,
ti kouto koup gro ziromon.
Ti kouto, ti kouto, ti kouto koup,
ti kouto koup gro ziromon.

Mo pei li pa zis enn tapi karo kann,
Zis kristal fangouren ek parfen tamaren;
Li pa zis enn choula pou sof roulman ravann,
Zis kadans sourian bann transenk kas leren;

Mo pei li pa zis kokotie ekzotik,
Zis soley lor laplaz ek douser badinaz;
Li pa zis soulezon dan nisa rom tropik,
Paradi pou touris ek foulous-alanaz.

Mo pei li tousa, me li plis ki tousa.
Li finn gout lavantir dous-amer ras imen,
Konstrikter-destrikter, bouldozer-mazisien.
Li enn gran larkansiel kot zepis tou kouler
Gard freser gramaten dan bourzon nouvo fler.
Mo pei li tousa, me li plis ki tousa.

Pa plore-plore baba
Pa bizen gagn per
Papa ek mama nou la
Ferm lizie dodo

Kan mo ti ena to laz
Parey kouma twa
Aswar mo ti fer kosmar
Lougarou manz mwa
Lougarou kime-grense
Ouver gran lagel
Me zame li ti gagn mwa
Mo nam ti pli for

Pa bizen to per baba
Ferm lizie dormi
Lougarou Papiemase
Obliz nou grandi.

Mo konn mo lepok, lepok to papa,
Kan enn fwa letan dimoun vinn kot mwa,
Sirtou Shannkrannti dan spesial rout
Pout gout gajak rar laplaz mo douser,
Lonbraz mo repo, dilo mo freser.

Zordi mo pa bien,
Mo lili labou.
Lete mo gagn fre,
Liver mo gagn so.

Mo kone, beta, to papa pa la;
Lepok Shannkrannti finn swiv to papa;
Bis spesial rout nepli spesial.
Tekewe beton, drenaz goudrone
Finn kraz mo lakaz, zis nom ki reste.

Mo apel Pereber,
Mo vre nom li Yer.
Lete mo gagn fre
Liver mo gagn so.

Granbe-Lanwit, twa to enn fwet!
Zetwal garni lor to latet,
Rob diaman lor to ledo,
Enn lipou lor to likou.

Mo ti ena enn pie mang dan lakour
Ti donn mwa so lonbraz toulezour
Ti ranpli mo labous ar douser
Ti tranp-tranp mo lizie dan kouler
Mo pie mang ti toultan zenere
Ti protez mo gazon kont soley
Ti nouri orkide lor so fre
Pa ti konn fer santaz ni ravaz

Me pov mwa, bachara! Ki mo fer?
Mo priye pie lafours kot lotel gouvernman
Li pli gran, li pli ot
Li li omniprezan
So lao, so anba melanze
Kot li tal so kadav
Kot li poz so deryer
Kot li bouz so bann pion
Nanye nepli pouse
Li pli gran, li pli for
Akoz sa mo priye pie lafours
Kot lotel gouvernman

Pie lafours finn tom plat
Ti koutvan ti ase
Pou fer li manz later

Mo pie mang ankor la
So lonbraz, so douser, so bonker
Kan mo ferm mo lizie
Mo sir li pou donn mwa
Detrwa ti bout dibwa
Pou fer mo samadi.

Marisia ledan dile
Bann ti petal margerit
Dan freser tied so sourir
Lor laplaz ki tal disab
Garni ar koki boner
Pou anpes lalang dilo
Sikann lipie filao
Pe get lekim zwe piano

Marisia labous onte
Finn fel de fwa CPE
Get ledan lansar bles-bles
Kolie mouye disab fen
Laroul sourd mont kadadak
Kras lekim lor brizan mor

Marisia latet bese
Lekor sifone
Lespri rapiese
Get soley kouse
Per soley leve

O pardonn mwa Réné Descartes:
” Non cogito ergo sum.”

Dan mo pei ena’nn vilaz,
Enn ti vilaz kasiet dan niaz.
Dan mo vilaz kasiet dan niaz
Ena enn maz kontrol labaz.
Nou tou ere, nou tou bien saz,
Swiv li partou, manz so mesaz;
Nou ekout li ar lapeti:
Satini verb, zansar adverb,
Rougay pronom, kichiri nom,
Bouyon prefiz, salad sifix –
Li fer vinnday ar azektif;

Enn briyani filozofi
Depi Lendi ziska Samdi;
Dimans nou sans, pla rezistans:
Kalya sentax ziska nou rans.

Pardon Plato! Pardon Sokrat!
O Panini pardon, pardon!
Nou lerwa maz pe fer laraz.
Bann derapaz, bann kafouyaz,
Bann magouyaz andeor baz
Zot enn menas sekirite
Nou ti vilaz kasiet dan niaz.

Fekla do ta nou lerwa maz
Finn dikte nou dernie mesaz:
“René Descartes enn ti-lespri
ki’nn fer erer vokabiler.
Nou tou bizen ziska zordi
Met enpe lord dan nou lespri,
Aprann par ker, repet par ker:

Pa manti!
Mari mesaz premie Avril.

Dan marenwar epe
Enn ti petal dife
Pe petiy ar lespwar
Ki dime marenwar
Pou plati dan enn kwen
E lerla nou desten
Kouma lalanp later
Pou ekler liniver
Ar mil petal dife
Fer marenwar sove.




Enn zour lete, dan bor enn karo may, enn karanbol, bebet ver, ti pe kas poz lor enn fey ver tann. Lesiel kler san niaz ti pe briye ar lalimier ble elektrik. Karanbol so leker ti kler kouma lesiel kler. Li ti pe sante for-for e tanzantan li ti leve, tras detrwa pa, balans so waya e lerla re-al larg lekor lor douser fey ver tann.
Enn fourmi nwar ti pe pas pre kot li. San lev latet, li ti dir formi la: “Aret fer mofinn! Ki to pe sarye koumsa? To fatig to nam pou nanye. Fer kouma mwa. Rilax. Ennjoy!”
Fourmi reponn: “Non, kamarad karanbol. Ena so ler pou travay, ena so ler pou repoze, ena so ler pou amize.”
Karanbol ti riy enn riye foutan; ti trap so lagitar e ti koumans sant enn sega.
Soley riye dan lasiel ble
Zwazo partou pe gazouye
Aster to’le mo transpire?
Peyna sime! Peyna sime!
Bontan, bontan! Nou soulbontan.
Avan soley ti al kouse, gro niaz nwar ti kouver tou. Aswar lapli ek divan ti frete; zekler ek loraz ti desir ler. Karo may ti plati net.
Soley ti al kasiet. Fernwar ti tal so vantar partou. Lafen ti pe grogne dan vant karanbol. Li ti al kot fourmi pou dimann sekour.
Fourmi ti enpe agase ler li ti trouv li. Karanbol ti rakont so mizer. Fourmi ti reponn li brit-brit: “Be kontigne soul to bontan!”
Me ler karanbol ti pe vir ledo pou ale, fourmi ti regrete. Li ti rapel enn ti parol ki li ti tande enn fwa lor Montagn Signo: “Pa refiz sekour mem to pir ennmi.” Li ti envit karanbol rant dan so lakaz.


Lera lavil ti al rann vizit lera bitasion, so kouzinn ki ti fek gagn tibaba.
Kouzinn Kanpagnar ti bien resevwar so Kouzen Anvil. Ler pas atab, Lera lavil ti lev so nene.
– “Sa ki zot manze isi?”
– “To pa kontan dalpita, karribarri?”
– “Manze jangli sa! Vinn ar mwa, mo montre twa manze sivilize ki dimoun danpop manze.”

Lelandime, apre ki li ti finn dimann so mama okip so baba, Kouzinn Kanpagnar ti akonpagn Kouzen Anvil pou al Porlwi, kapital sa pei la.
Zot ti al dan lakav enn gran vila kot enn gran komersan ti reste. Aswar zot al dan salamanze pou gout enn festen, restan enn gran fet kot Premie Minis ek bann gran diniter ti prezan. Zot ti bwar sanpagn dan fon ver, manz kaviar dan fon lasiet. Souden enn tapaz ti fer zot leker bat dan mole.
– “Ki’ete sa?”
– “Misie la ena de bouldog.”
– “Baprrebap!”
– “Manze vit-vit avan zot vini.”
– “Kouzen, mo pe al mo lakaz.”
– “Kifer?”
– “Preferab dalpita, karribarri anpe ki sanpagn ek kaviar dan toufann.”


Enn ti mwano zenn-zenn, fek konn anvole, ti trouv enn pan ar so long lake teknikolor.
Kifer mo pa ti koumsa, li ti panse. Si mo ti ena enn long lake plim teknikolor, momem ti pou king dan lakour madam.
Depi sa zour la li ti ramas tou plim pan ki li ti trouve. Kan li ti ena enn bon stok, li ti kas lagren lakol lor pie, kol bann plim pan lor so ti lake mwano. Lerla li ti fer letour dan lakour madam.
Ler li ti tann lezot zanimo riye, li ti kwar ki zot ti pe apresie so bote. Li ti kontinie fer so fanor me li pa ti realize ki so fos lake ti finn dekole e ti pe alonze lor gravie pre kot poubel.
So ser ti sagren li. Li ti vinn dir li dan so zorey ki li pe pas pou boufon.
Nou ti mwano vit-vit ti al kasiet dan zip so mama ki ti dir li dousma dan so zorey, “Zame get zwazo par so plim!”


Ler li ti santi lamor pe aprose, enn vie papa ti apel so bann zanfan kot so lili. Lor enn latab ti ena enn pake dibwa.
“Avan mo ferm lizie, mo ti pou kontan kone lekel parmi zot kapav kas sa pake dibwa la ande.”
Enn par enn sak zanfan ti seye. Abba! Pake dibwa ti dir mwa ki la.
Ler tou zanfan ti abandone, li ti dir so vie madam koup lakord ki ti pe atas tou dibwa ansam. Li ti dimann sak zanfan pran enn dibwa pou kase. Pak, pak, pak. Enn par enn dibwa ti kase.
Lerla li ti dir zot: “Zot finn trouve zotmem. Zame bliye zanfan. Linion fer lafors.”


Enn zour, Basdeo, enn ti elver poule, ti gagn enn mama sok ler li ti al ramas dizef dan poulaye. Enn dizef ti zonn net, kouler lor. Ler li ti trap li, li ti dekouver ki dizef la ti lour kouma diplon.
Li ti pe al zet li me ti sanz so lide. Li ti al get Misie Konay, enn bizoutie bien respekte. Misie Konay ti dir li ki dizef la ti an lor masif.
Toulezour mem poul ti pe donn li enn dizef lor ki ti pe raport li gro lamone. Li ti pe envesti so larises dan so biznes ki ti pe grandi for-for.
Me malsans, plis li ti pe gagne, plis li ti pe anvi plis. So gourmandiz ti depas kad. Li ti anvi vinn pli ris ki bann risar dan so vilaz. Li nepli ti ena pasians. Olie atann enn dizef lor par zour, li ti desid pou ouver vant poul la pou gagn tou enn sel kou.
Li ti trap poul la, sot so likou, ouver so vant.
Aswar so madam ti kwi enn bon kari poul me Basdeo pa ti gagn fen.
Lelandime gramaten, ler kok ti sante, kadav Basdeo ti pe anpandan lor enn travers dan poulaye.


Rasel ti enn zoli mamzel
Me so latet ti karousel.
Enn Samdi so mama dir li
– “Degaz twa al bazar Fifi
Vann enn bidon dile kabri.”
Ar bidon dile lor latet
Lespri Rasel pe dans dan fet.
– “Kan mo’nn fini vann tou dile
Ar profi mo pou al aste
Zoli rob ek zoli soulie.
E aswar dan wachiwala
Mo pou waya anba-anba
Koumsa, koumsa, koumsa, koumsa .”
Ler jalsa sarye so lespri
Rasel bliye dile kabri
Dan bidon plen lor so latet.
– Rasel, Rasel, ala to bet –
Bidon fer enn plonzon piktet,
Rant direk dan enn touf raket.
Rasel, Rasel, zoli zezer
Kan to pe fer louvraz peper
Pa les vangvang souk to boner.


Dan parlman lera zot tou eksite. Enn sat pe fer ravaz. Bizen aret so lelan. Sak depite lera pe donn so solision. Parfwa zot tou koz anmemtan.
Prezidan lera pe gagn kongolo pou met lord.
Enn kou enn zenn lera fek sorti liniversite, diboute, dres so lagorz. Tou dimoun aret koze pou ekout li. Lor koze peyna so segon.
Li koz for-for. Sa so labitid sa! “Pa kone ki zot pou fer san mwa. Solision la pli senp ki senp. Nou bizen atas enn laklos dan likou sat la. Koumsa ler li vini, nou pou tann li. Fasil gagn letan pou al kasiet.”
Aplodisman. Tou lera sote-pile. Traka fini, zot tou panse. Ena mem dir bizen donn envanter sa lide la enn meday spesial. Lezot dir ki li bizen vinn Premie Minis. Limem sover Repiblik Lera.
Dan sa tapaz napa-badine, enn vie lera dimann drwa pou koze. Ki li pou dir, sa vie siko la?
Vie lera koumans koze: “Enn lide extra! Me dir mwa kisannla pou al atas laklos la?”


Dan mo vilaz ti ena enn personaz repite. So nom ti Konper Yev. Ler so paran ti mor, zot ti kit enn gran tabisman pou li parski li ti enn zanfan inik. Akoz samem, Konper Yev ti ena boukou pitay. Boukou pitay ti vedir boukou kamarad ki touletanto ti rann li vizit pou manze, bwar, donn jaz. Dir ou divers touleswar!
Kan zot sou, souvan ti tann zot dir: “Maja karro, beta, for toumoro wi day may frenn.” Personn pa ti pe bien konpran ki zot ti pe dir. Kikfwa zot ti pe koz direk ar Bondie!
Parmi so bann kamarad dan zwisans ti ena Dogberi, seval lekours; Oktopousi, gorlkiper lekip nasional; Mazor Elefanntous, sef sirk; Kalipa Godzila, sanpion labox etc.
Konper Yev pa ti frekant zans ordiner kouma lapen, kabri, zwazo, lera etc. Zot ti tro ensinifian, tro basklas pou li.
Enn zour enn troupo lisien lasas ti anvai nou vilaz. Sa bann lisien la ti ena enn preferans siper-spesial pou laser yev. Konper Yev ti galoup kouma fles al kot Dogberi ki ti pe antrene pou Medenn – pa kapav kas so konsantrasion; Oktopousi ti ena enn mach pou zwe – li bien bizen rilax avan mach; Mazor Elefanntous ti pe prezid konsey administrasion – pa kapav deranz li; Kalipa Godzila ti fer so sekreter dir ki li pa ti la.
Konper Yev ti pe panike. Zape lisien afame ti pe aprose. Li ti asiz lor enn ros, plore. Enn lapen, enn kabri, enn kardinal ek enn ti-lera miske ti vinn get li. Zot ti ris li, amenn li al kasiet dan lakav lot kote enn larivier. Zot ti okip li ziska ki danze ti fonn.


[tex pou enn sante]
Enn fwa enn troupo yev dan enn ti lil
Kot problem anvrak enn lor lot tap pil
Enn swar dezespwar kan lavi siplis
Desid pou al lor bor enn presipis
Pou zet zot lekor dan lagel reken
Parski ar lavi zot tou ti bien plen.

Kiserti viv kan larme Tilespri
Koulout lor lakrwa Senier Zezikri?

Pa pli tar ki yer enn geng Mesanste
Ti fer enn lennding pre kot zot reste.
Trape-bate, zot ti touy inosans;
Bril tou nik zwazo ziska lamor rans.
Soufrans, tirani nek fer so vantar;
Dominer partou nek fer so grannwar.

Kiserti viv kan larme Tilespri
Koulout lor lakrwa Senier Zezikri?

Kouma zot tou ti pe al tengn zot souf,
Enn troupo krapo sorti deryer touf,
Dir zot arete, pa les gro zero
Devor ti zero. Pa pran fos sime!
Toulezour troupo toutsort zanimo
Zet lekor dan vid, nanye pa sanze.

Kiserti viv kan larme Tilespri
Koulout lor lakrwa Senier Zezikri?

Ler zot pe koze, enn troupo kabri
Bes latet fonse, drwat dan presipis.
Lerla yev konpran ki nou maladi
Anvi pa anvi, ena sinapis.
Senier Zezikri ti donn so lavi
Pou anpes lamor vinn fer so mari.

Kiserti viv kan larme Tilespri
Koulout lor lakrwa Senier Zezikri?

Senier Zezikri ti donn so lavi
Pou anpes lamor vinn fer so mari…


(Enn ti krapo galoupe al kot so papa dan bor enn basen.)
Papa, papa! Vinn gete.! Enn mons. Li gran kouma montagn. Li ena korn fite pwent lor so latet. So long lake kouma fwet. Ayo, mo gagn per.
Pa per mo piti. Bef Ton Maniel sa. Anverite li pa gran. Mwa mo pli gran ki li .
Twa to pli gran?
Mo kapav vinn pli gran, pli gro si mo’le.
Pli gran. Pli gro.
Nek gete. Manz pistas get sinema.
(Papa Krapo koumans ris ler pou ranpli so lestoma.)
Li ti boukou pli gro.
(Papa Krapo ris plis ler.)
Ki to dir? Koumsa?
Pli gro, Papa, pli gro.
(Papa Krapo ris ankor plis ler.)
Pli gro, Papa, pli gro.
(Papa Krapo ris ankor plis ler.)
Pli gro, Papa, pli gro.
(Papa Krapo ris ankor plis ler.)
Pli gro, Papa, pli gro.
(Papa Krapo ris ankor plis ler.)
Pli gro, Papa, pli gro.
(Papa Krapo ris ankor plis ler.)
Pli gro, Papa, pli gro.
(Enn kou dan enn gran boum, Papa Krapo eklate. Ti-Krapo plonz dan basen pou al kasiet.)


Dan mo vilaz dan bor lamer ti ena enn peser. Nou ti apel li Latet Kokom. Li ti enn bon dimoun me lakrem dan lalo, pir ki enn zozo touni.
Li ti enn peser lalinn. Tout lazourne li ti asiz dan so pirog, so lamson garni ar labwet dan dilo. Laplipar letan li ti bat lamok.
Enn Vandredi, enn zour zafer drol pou Latet Kokom, pwason pa ti morde ditou. Ler soley ti pre pou kouse enn ti viel ti vinn may dan so lamson. Konper peser ti redi lalinn, tir li andeor dilo, trap pwason la dan so lame, dekros li depi lamson.
Ler ti viel, ki ti bien malen, ti trouv Latet Kokom, li ti koumans tir plan.
– “Tonton Kokom, larg mwa. Les mo vinn gran, gro, ek gra. Lerla ou gagn enn bon kari.”
Latet Kokom ti pre pou larg li kan li ti dekouver ti pwason so sinema.
– “To kwar mo latet kokom? Enn ti bouyon viel zordi plis korek ki enn gro kari dime. To plas dan karay, monwar.”


Enn lion fatige pe kas enn poz dan lonbraz enn pie dan enn park spesial. Li pe gagn somey kan lavwa enn saser retrete ki pe koz ar so kamarad sikann so zorey.
Mo dir twa, lion la ti la, zis divan mwa. Mo get li dan so lizie, fran-fran.
Lion la kriye ar lafors; ar laraz, mo pli sir. Bann pie tranble, mo dir twa.
To pa ti per?
Mwa per? Pa fer riye, matlo! Mo trap mo fizi; mo gard kalm; arm fizi la; vize. Pa kone kifer, mo ti sagren lion la. Mo dir li ale, fonn depi la. Mo dir twa li ramas so lake, disparet. Koumadir li ti bliye kouma rizir.
Tae! To enn jak twa.
Sa nanye. Lot zour mo ti pe travers larivier alanaz. Enn kroko…
Lion la rapel enn kapon ki ti tranp so kalson ler li ti kriye enn fwa dan savann. Li pran enn gran respirasion, larg enn rizisman profon koumadir enn volkan pe eripte. Saser vantar fonn.
Revini matlo! Enn lion dan zou sa.


[SENN 1]
Enn tanto an ete, apre ki li ti finn bien manze, enn lion ti pe dormi dan so tanier. Enn souri distre pas pre kot so lapat divan.
Eta grigale, ki to pe fer dan mo lakaz. To’nn vinn koken, parye?
Ayo! Pardon. Mo’ale toutswit.
Ale? (Lion la rot enn kou). Mo nek poz mo lapat lor twa, to vinn satini.
Pa fer sa patron.
Pardon. Mazeste!
To lasans ar twa. Mo fek fini manze. Me … Ena enn ti kwen vid dan mo lestoma.
Ayo, Mazeste! Ou pa pou met enn fatra kouma mwa dan ou lestoma rwayal. Les mwa ale Gran dimoun. Enn zour kikfwa ou pou bizen mo servis.
Mwa, Lerwa Lion, mo pou bizen servis enn nwar touni kouma twa? Pa fer riye, ti fatra. … Parski to’nn fer mwa riye, mo donn twa enn sans. Ale, fonndos!

[SENN 2]
Enn zour pli tar lion la finn may dan file saser. Plis li debat, plis file la may li. Fatige, dekouraze, lion la ti pre pou zet zarm. Ler li get divan li, pre kot so lapat, li trouv lemesan souri.
Alor Mazeste! Ou finn met enn nouvo zile?
Aret radote, ti grengale. To kwar mo anvi badine?
Kifer ou an movezimer? Ou madam finn kit ou?
Souri, aret manz mo krann. To pa trouve mo finn zwenn tase. Les mo mor trankil.
Les mo mor trankil, SIL-VOU-PLE.
Ala to minant la!
Ou pa’le mo demay ou?
Sort la ale voryen!
Ou bien bizen enn Premie Minis, Mazeste. Ou ou ena misk zean me laservel mwano… Me mwa mo soufle, morde. Nek gete mo bourzwa .
(Souri koumans ronz lakord file, enn par enn, ziska ki enn trou ase gro permet lion sap dan piez.)
Salam, Mazeste. Ou’nn trouve. Souvan nou bizen nou prosen mem si li zis enn ti grengale.


Enn zour enn zoli kornar, gayar, frengan ek vantar ti bes so latet pou bwar dilo dan enn basen kler. Enn zoli latet serf ti paret divan li. Korn lor so latet ti kouma kouronn lor latet lerwa.
Poulekou, telman li ti pe admir so prop refle dan dilo ki li ti bliye bwar. Souden, enn panse tris tengn so lazwa. Li ti mazinn so kat lapat.
– “Ayo! Get mo latet kouma zoli. Me kan mo mazinn mo kat lapat mo gagn onte …. vomi. Zot vilen, meg-meg, kouma golet tir tant dan bazar… Bondie fane!”
Anmemtan enn saser ti pase. Kouma li ti trouv serf la, li ti arm so fizi, vize, pare pou tire. Serf la ti santi danze. So kat lapat fen, elegan ek leze ti permet li demare kouma enn fles. Bal saser ti rat li.
Saser ti resarz so fizi. Letansa, lor so kat lapat rapid serf la ti fini rant dan bwa. Li ti kone ki danze ti pe kontinie aprose. Pa ti kapav perdi letan.
Dan sa bwa la, malerezman, bann brans ti bien ba. Serf la ti fer atansion mem me par malsans so zoli korn ti al tas dan enn fours. Plis li ti debat plis li ti pe maye. Li ti pe transpir gro. Deryer li, li ti tann bot saser lor fey sek. Enn kou li ti tann ‘baw’.
Serf la pa ti gagn letan regrete ki li ti admir so korn me ti mepriz so kat lapat.


Enn zour ti ena bel kafouyaz lor later. Bann zwazo, bann reptil, bann zanimo katpat sakenn so kote ti deklar lager. Kifer? Personn pa ti tro kone. Zot tou ti pare pou fer ditor zot prosen.
Bann zwazo ti al get sovsouri pou dimann li donn enn koudme. Li ti refize. Li ti dir zot ar mepri ki li pa ti enn zwazo.
Kan bann lezot zanimo ti vinn get li, li ti tret zot mem parey. Li pa ti ranpe, li pa ti mars katpat.
Enn gran sans pou lavi lor later! Lager la ti fizet. Enn kolonb blan ti desann depi lesiel pou dir zot tou chombo, aret fane.
Pou selebre lape, ti ena enn gran fet. Zis enn zanimo pa ti envite. Kisannla? Sovsouri, biensir. Ler li ti rod frode rantre, tou zanimo ti pous li.
“To pa zwazo, to pa ranpe, to pa mars katpat. Peyna plas pou twa.”
Sovsouri ti lev so pake, al anpandan lor enn brans pou atann fernwar rantre parski soley ti pe kas so lizie.
Ziska zordi sovsouri toultan anpandan tousel so kote, dan nwar.


Par maler, enn zour enn yev ti tom dan enn danpi. Parwa otour li ti telman ot ki li pa ti kone kouma pou sorti.
Enn bourik ki ti pe pase, arete pou get dan trou danpi.
– “Eh konper Yev, ki ou pe fer dan sa trou la.”
– “Dan trou? To latet pa bon! To pa’nn ekout radio? Laseres pou tap plen. Isi dilo plennti-plennti. Degaze vini avan lezot pran tou plas.”
Pov bourik ti may dan lak. Li ti sote, rant dan danpi.
Kouma li ti ariv anba, konper Yev pa ti perdi letan. Li ti sot lor ledo bourik, grenp ziska so latet, pran enn lelan, fransi, trap bor danpi, ris so lekor andeor.
– “Salam, salam mo bon bourik. Aster gete kisannla pou vinn tir twa.”
San get deryer li ti maron depi laba.


Konper Yev ti mari vantar. Partou, li ti pe kriye for-for ki li ti enbatab, ki li ti’nn kas rekor mondial.
Vie Tonton Torti enn zour ti dir li, “Nou met enn go. Mo sir mo manz twa kri.”
Konper Yev ti trap so vant riye.
Zour lekours, lor lalign depar Konper Yev ti pe fer so fanor. Li ti pe boufonn Tonton Torti ki ti bos tait.
Ler donn depar Konper Yev ti demare kouma enn fles, fize spasial manti. Tonton Torti ti pe avanse tipa-tipa kouma enn revey.
Apre senk minit Konper Yev ti get deryer. Torti nayba. Ler li ti get akote ki li ti trouve? Enn karo leti. Li ti pez enn gran kout fren, ploye, rant direk dan karo, plen so boyo e lerla li ti al kas enn poz anba enn pie. San atann, somey ti sarye li dan so lebra.
Dan enn rev li ti tann aplodisman. Li ti tann lafoul kriye, “Viv Yev, viv Yev”. Ler li ti ekout pli bien, li ti gagn sier frwad. Lafoul ti pe kriye, “Viv Tonton Torti; viv Tonton Torti”.
Li ti drese lor vites, ti redemar kouma enn fles. Me ti tro tar.
Tonton Torti ti gagn so paryaz.