1. Knowing and accepting what we really are: Humanity was born in Africa and some 200,000 years ago some from our ancient ancestry left Africa to people the world. All human beings on Earth have a common ancestry. In a certain way, we are all African.

2. Being aware of some elements of universal wisdom:
a) Life is a contradiction (Bhagavad-Gita);
b) God is mercy, pity, peace and love (The Holy Bible and William Blake);
c) Salvation is in solidarity and sharing (The holy Koran).

3. Living in harmony with nature and maintaining the nature-nurture equlibrium.

4. Accepting that men and women are different but equal.


In this dark age of capitalist financialisation (also known as neoliberalism) which according to Kevin Phillips is “a process whereby financial services, broadly construed, take over the dominant economic, cultural, and political role in a national economy”, fear and despair have taken hold of the heart and mind of most of us. Yet there is hope: DiEM25 and Progressive International. The words of Yanis Varoufakis, Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein are my silver lining. They reveal a new strategy to face the dictatorship of money, the material and spiritual impoverishment of humanity and the destruction of the planet.
Globally speaking, Mauritians have a lot to learn from them but we must not forget our own specificity. While harnessing our strength to combat local and world financialisation, we must at the same time develop a national supraethnic identity and not allow ethnic and caste reflexes to divide us and neutralise our efforts.