Dear Question Mark,

You have every right to your views whether based on fact or not. But please don’t insult people you may not know.

Please read my answer to GNU below. It may help you to know and understand Loga and Dev who are now 75 and 77 respectively.

John Keats said in one of his letters, “I want to do the world some good.”

Loga and I have for the past 55 years tried together to do the world some good but most probably we have failed.

Here is the truth: she didn’t sign my article; I do not write her article. Any person with some knowledge of stylistics would see our different styles.


Dear GNU,
I have just read your comments ( https://www.lexpress.mu/art… We are on the same wavelength.

I’ll tell you why I intervened. Loga, after decades of struggle, could not be bothered to answer critics who most of the time are beside the point. I have more time at my disposal than her and I must admit I love polemics.

In the early sixties Loga and I met, fell in love and decided to build a family together. We were both teenagers. A few years later we got married (1964). We were both students in Edinburgh. Life was tough but we were happy facing difficulties together. We have learnt to love, help and support each other over a period of 55 years now. Our life has been blessed with 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren, the eldest being 22.

Loga has been of tremendous help to me as promoter of our national language and politician. In 1972 when I was in prison for almost a year, under the state of emergency, she not only looked after our children and her job at the university but she also looked after my constituency (I was elected at the 1970 by-election in No 5).

Loga is now 75 and is looking after me suffering from POST POLIO SYNDROME.

We still love each other and I cannot be insensitive to her sorrow when she is attacked by heartless ignorant people. So I, the faithful lover, step in.

Yes, GNU, it’s a tale of love and care TILL DEATH US DO PART.

Remember the TWO OLD FOOLS in your prayer.

Brotherly namaste,

Dev Virahsawmy


Mama-Papa, kreater liniver,
Zot finn donn nou enn zarden espesial
Me nou finn fer li vinn enn simitier
Akoz nou finn vinn gourman leker sal.

Ti’ena plas pou nou, pou fler ek zwazo;
Ti’ena varyete ek diversite
Ki ti fer lezot dan lesiel lao
Boude, moulougande, dekonserte.

Linet dolar lor lizie bar regar;
Anpes nou konpran bote divan nou.
Ego-gourmandiz pe nouri vantar;
Gonfle mesanste dan lespri zalou.

Nou pe plant pwazon dan karo Mamon;
Nou nouri lamor dan poumon zanfan;
Piyaz fer fraka dan tou lorizon
Parski lespri Mamon divan-divan.

Papa-Mama kreasion, gid nou pa;
Ed nou pou nou sanz nou manier fatra;
Ed nou derasinn laliann fos karrma
Ki finn fil partou dan nou douniya.

Mama-Papa lalimier, fer tou kler
Pou ki nou reysi trouv sime meyer.
Pardonn nou erer; efas nou maler
Pou ki nou zanfan dime konn boner.

Dev Virahsawmy