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Besides mobilising all human, material and spiritual resources to defeat the TWO racisms, namely Hindutva and anti-Hindu ideologies, we, the inhabitants of this beautiful Creole island (Hindo-Creoles, Afro-Creoles, Islamo-Creoles, Euro-Creoles and Sino-Creoles) must tackle some urgent and life-threatening problems.
To build up our mental and spiritual power we must understand some fundamental values:
• There is ONE God called by different names (God, Bondie, Brahma, Allah, Jehovah etc.);
• Faith which unites is more important than routine rituals which divide;
• The different religious texts are complementary and mutually supportive and not exclusive – The Bhagavad-Gita tells us that life is a contradiction which is also a basic tenet of Marxism; the Bible tells us that the name of God is mercy (Pope Francis); the Koran tells us that life should be governed by SOLIDARITY and SHARING (also basic socialist principles).

These values will definitely help us to face some of our economic, health and ecological urgent problems.

• Covid-19 has shown that GLOBALISATION is not what humanity needs. Instead, we must rebuild our economy on the strength of LOCALISATION and some form of REGIONALISATION.

• We must replant our land and sea forests and develop culture tourism.
• A new land management policy must ensure food security, proper housing for all, cultivation of new crops such as cannabis to produce cannabinoids (Cannabinoids — the active chemicals in medical marijuana — are similar to chemicals the body makes that are involved in appetite, memory, movement, and pain. Research suggests cannabinoids might reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.).
• We need a new town-planning policy. Mauritius could be divided into some 20 autonomous municipalities, each with its own administrative, economic, agricultural, judicial, cultural, leisure and other sectors. Within each municipality, muscle power (walking and cycling) must be encouraged and all roads must be equipped with bicycle lanes; electricity powered public vehicles will cater for “intra and inter” municipal transport.
• The present educational system must be radically changed to ensure high level universal bilingual functional literacy.

I understand that most of the FEW Mauritians who can read intelligently this opinion piece will judge it as the elucubration of a deranged mind. For this reason, I prefer to sing in wilderness:

Pagla mera naam, pagla mera kaam;
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai sabko mera salam.

Date: 21.01.21


The racist and fascist Hindutvawalas want my motherland Mauritius to become Little India, a springboard for their evil plan to loot the resources of Africa. They will fail as thoroughly as those who campaigned to build La Petite France here.
Mauritius is and will be a Creole island forever and a day. The Dutch colonisers started the creolisation process of the island when by accident they caused the extinction of the dodo, cleared ebony forests for their precious wood, introduced sugarcane to brew arrack and brought domestic animals and deer from elsewhere. When they abandoned the settlement, it is believed that they left behind a few Africans (freed slaves) who may be considered as the first inhabitants of Mauritius. The French colonisers went into widespread cultivation of sugarcane and brought in thousands of slaves from east Africa and a few slaves and craftsmen from Pondicherry, India. About a century later the English colonisers took over, abolished slavery and brought in thousands of indentured labourers from India. The creolisation of Mauritius was almost complete.
What next?
Mauritius is an independent and sovereign state but not yet a nation. We are not using the word ‘nation’ as a selfish destructive ideology generating pride and arrogance but as a tool that helps to develop a supraethnic identity, a political and cultural necessity when ethnicity is generating communalism, division, tension and different racist reflexes.
Do we have the necessary resources to build this supraethnicity? Yes, we do!
• We have a common history. We are all the children of immigrants from Africa, Europe and Asia;
• We have a common cuisine made of adapted recipes from Africa, Europe and Asia (specially India and China).
• We speak TWO creole languages, namely Mauritian (MC) and English.
• We have beautiful specimens of a creole architecture (lakaz kreol) and creole furniture (meb kreol). Unfortunately, these are in danger of disappearing because of our tendency to ape and massproduce cheaply.
• Moreover, we must not forget that humanity (homo sapiens) was born in east Africa about 200,000 years ago. Some of them, later, decided to emigrate and thus started, over dozens of millenia, to people Planet Earth. So according to the “Out of Africa” hypothesis which is studied by great specialists in paleontology and genetics, all human beings have a common ancestry. Basically we, all of us, belong to the same race and are all, in a certain way, AFRICAN.
At present there are in Mauritius TWO conflicting racist ideologies: Hindutva and Anti-Hinduism. Both are lethal. TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. Hindu, Muslim and Christian progressives must unite to tell racists and fascists: La Petite France? Little India? PEYNA SIME!