Li mari fasil swazir enn kote,
Pa pran kont ditou seki lot kote;
Si kiksoz pa so, savedir li fre;
Si kiksoz pa bon, savedir move
Finn trap direksion nou kachak-charli;
Si malsans borde, savedir lagli
Pe fann so pikan dan nou zinndagi,
Napeyna parfen, tou pe santi pi.

Li pli difisil tras tipa-tipa
Ant de bout extrem; get seki bon la,
Ki pa bon laba; pa zet tibaba
Ar bake dilo ki finn netway li;
Pa kraz lekiri parski enn kabri
Enn swar zis minwi ti refiz dormi.


It’s very easy to choose just one side
And ignore completely the other side;
If it’s not hot, then it must be cold;
If it’s not good, then it means that badness
Has total control over our fold;
Misfortune simply means that ugliness
Has taken full hold of every way
And stench has now sovereign sway.

It’s very much harder to chart a new way
Between two extremes; find the goodness here
And the badness there; and not throw away
Poor little baby with the bathwater;
Don’t pull down the shed because earlier
Silly billy goat disturbed your slumber.

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