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The book by the world-famous theologian, Daniel Marguerat, entitled “VIE ET DESTIN DE JÉSUS DE NAZARETH” (SEUIL) may shock those who, happy in their comfort zone, are unwilling to question, explore and learn. The book tells us that Jesus was born out of wedlock and fathered by an unknown person (né de père inconnu) and so had no rights at all in the society of his time.
As a Hindu who believes that Jesus is the latest avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu after Gautama Buddha, who taught a Middle Way between sensual indulgence and severe asceticism, I am thrilled to take cognisance of the fact that God Vishnu, The Preserver, chose to come as a child devoid of all rights in order to preach “MERCY, PITY, PEACE AND LOVE”.
If you think that sex is the root-cause of all our misfortune; if you believe that true divinities are sexless; if it is your view that Trimurti and Tridevi do not make love, then you had better ignore this opinion piece and the book mentioned above.


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