For the 1% which owns and controls more than 50% of the planet’s wealth, it is a very dangerous word. Indeed, a very dangerous word for those who are driven by selfishness and cupidity. Very dangerous also for those wielding political and military power to support the wealthy. It is subversive and good only for envious cranks and lazybones pretending to be what they are not. It is unproductive and good only for dreamers who have nothing else to do.

It is very dangerous for those who think that everything, on the surface and underneath, is there for their taking; that only 1% of that species called ‘Homo sapiens’ deserves the right to live; that 99% of the said species are no better than the apes from which they evolved; that different forms of life, be they animal, vegetal or otherwise, were created for the enjoyment of a few blessed ones and the wretched of the earth should keep off. It is a very dangerous four-letter word when it becomes the standard of some lunatics, good-for-nothing swaggering blowhards and braggarts who claim that the planet is in danger and survival requires a new way of life. Using the four-letter word to challenge a god-given system is nothing short of blasphemy.

It is a very dangerous four-letter word when used against those who sweat blood to make globalisation work and wipe out poverty for ever. Very dangerous indeed when used to hide laziness and irresponsibility and pose as saint and saviour.

The wicked and dangerous four-letter word is used, abused and misused by perverts to subvert the normal course of things. It’s no longer Adam and Eve but Adam and Steve, Awa and Eva.


What is that dangerous four-letter word?

Simply L, O, V, E.

We need more of it, not less, to face present and future dilemmas. We need more of it to build humane societies and a humane green world in which there is harmony between nature and nurture and in which solidarity and sharing have replaced selfishness and cupidity.

It has a thousand beautiful faces. It is the silver lining which gives hope when darkness seems all powerful.

Two millennia ago, Jesus died for it and we are still killing it. KAN NOU POU APRANN? (Will we ever learn?)


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