Before the British inglorious empire invaded, occupied and looted India, she was one of the richest countries in the world. When India won her freedom with sweat and blood, she was one of the poorest.
Yet she remained a moral beacon for the world in terms of secularism, non-violence, democracy, non-alignment and “Indian Ocean, Zone of Peace”.
But the India, which is getting richer, has lost her soul. Under the RSS and BJP, she has become the property of a handful of billionaires in US dollar terms; she is aligned to the USA and share power and control with the Yankees; she has close ties with far-right forces; she is rewriting history to justify racism; she glorifies murderers (Nathuram Godse, the murderer, has become a hero and Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Indian independence, is portrayed as a traitor).
Lontan-lontan ti ena enn pei
Lwenten-lwenten kot rises dan lespri
Ti boukou pli for ki rises kofor.
Dimoun ti toler san okenn zefor
Diferan kiltir, diferan pwennvi
Ki li dan legliz ousa libreri.

Enn zour enn mazisien ti sanz tousa.
Rises dan kofor li priyoriter;
Toulezot krwayans se bann envansion
Pou anpes pei vinn siperpwisan.
Depi sa zour la se lalwa paysa
Ki ti vinn lerwa parmi diniter;
Panse inik san okenn konsesion
Ti vinn enn manntra pou tou bann zanfan.

Nepli ti toler okenn diferans;
Pa pans parey ti garanti soufrans.
Depi sa zour la, asasen swami
Ti gagn grad oustad dan lakademi.
A long time ago
There was a faraway land
Where the beauty of the mind
Was considered superior
To material-physical wealth.
Being different was not a sin.

A sorcerer changed all this.
Wealth replaced health:
Freedom of thought
Was simply banned;
The murderer of a saint
Is now an acclaimed hero.

Date: 15.02.22

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