The Management Company of the Foundation is OCORIAN, 6th Floor, Tower A, 1 Cybercity, Ebène, Mauritius.

Among all groups and sub-groups in our country, there are, broadly speaking, two categories, namely progressives and reactionaries. For this reason, we have to be careful and not slip into hysteria. Oversimplification and overgeneralization must be avoided at all costs. Our history has too often been marked by such sterile reactions. Racist slogans had in the past dragged people from the noble battle for independence and forced people to emigrate out of fear.

50 years of independence have not consolidated the basics of a strong foundation for building a rainbow nation and now the adventurism of the neoliberal state of India and its ally in Mauritius is threatening to destroy the little we have achieved. This may lead to a flare-up of hostility, grudge, distrust and suspicion and thwart our nation building efforts.

We must not mix up issues. We are all immigrants on this creole island which has given us space and means to build new lives and hopes. Our great-great-grand parents were wise to settle here and allow us to create a new culture based on borrowings, adaptations and innovations. Our first love must be for this creole land and not for our real or mythical cum fabricated ancestral land.

On this creole island, we are not Indians, Chinese, French, Malagasies or Mozambicans. We are Hindu Mauritians, Christian Mauritians, Muslim Mauritians, Buddhist Mauritians or free-thinking Mauritians. Our Motherland is the Maritime Republic of Mauritius which is a source of well-being, love and care; our sacred lakes are our lagoons which provide us with healthy food and leisure; our sacred shrines are our trees which give us fresh air to breathe; our first and foremost duty is to our ‘Mata-Pita’ Mauritius and to all the people of this beautiful creole island; then to our Blue Planet which is in the throes of devastation and destruction in the hands of ruthless, heartless insatiate neoliberals and to humanity and other forms of life which deserve protection against Mammon’s progeny.

In each one of the groups mentioned above, there are reactionaries and progressives. Christian reactionaries believe God is white and Big White Money is to be worshipped; Christian progressives believe that Jesus, an avatar of God, is a freedom fighter and as Pope Francis, they believe in the liberation theology. Muslim reactionaries of the despicable-opportunistic-Soodhun type, lick Arab petrodollar princes’ feet, not to mention another part of the anatomy; progressive Muslims, who have studied the Koran, know that the fundamental message of Islam is SHARING which one day will become part of humanity’s cultural heritage. Hindu reactionaries think that Modi is divine – enn tigit pli piti ki bondie – and BIG INDIAN MONEY is to be worshipped. They have turned their backs on the workers and peasants who are getting poorer and poorer while the GREAT BROWN SAHIBS are wallowing in filthy lucre. The message of Mahatma Gandhi is binned. The new culture: Forget peasants who lose everything and commit suicide; forget women of procreative age who are not allowed into certain temples; forget the persecution of Indian Muslims; forget moral values for you are now blessed by Lord Roupia.

Progressive Hindus know the difference between faith and rituals; they know the positive contribution of the Arya Samaj movement; they believe in social justice and know that neoliberalism is destroying not only the planet but also the moral, cultural and spiritual fibres of India. Progressive Mauritian Hindus understand the expression: “Donn enn dizef, pran enn bef.” They don’t support Modi, his entourage and the obsequious Mauritian sycophants and cronies, RODER BOUT PAR EXCELLENCE.

Since the world, at present, is in thrall to the destructive ideology and ambition of dangerous neoliberal politicians of the Trump-Modi type, progressives are facing difficult times. But this will not last forever. BIG MONEY, all over the world has joined forces to wipe out resistance to the power of money. But progressives are getting organized. At planetary level, there is now ‘Progressive International’ under the leadership of people like Bernie Sanders or Yanis Varoufakis. In Mauritius, we must unite all progressives on a programme based on integral development and not only economic growth, on social justice and not might is right, on GREEN ideology and not GREED.




Pep Anglosaxon ek zot lang ki nou pou apel Anglosaxon ti ekziste dan Langleter depi bien avan nesans Zezi (BC) ziska anviron lan 800 AD/CE (lan 800 Nou Lepok). Erezman ena detrwa maniskri kouma ‘Beowulf’, enn poem eroik/epik, ki finn permet bann exper dekouver so gramer. Dan nou lang nasional, Morisien, lord bann mo dan enn fraz li obligatwar. Nou pran enn lekzanp: “Tifi la kontan garson la” (The girl loves the boy/ La fille aime le grason). Pa kapav dir: “la tifi garson la kontan”. Si mo sanz lord bann mo, sinifikasion pou sanze: “Garson la kontan tifi la” ek “Tifi la kontan garson la” pa vedir mem zafer. Kifer sa? Morisien li enn lang izolan. Savedir sak mo ena enn sel form. Aster anou pran enn lekzanp an Laten: “Puella amat puerum.” Li vedir, ‘tifi la kontan garson la’. Si mo sanz lord bann mo, sinifikasion pa sanze; “puerum amat puella” ou “puella puerum amat” ena mem sans/mining ki “puella amat puerum”. Kifer? Laten li enn lang enflexion. Bann mo ena plizier form: puer, puerum, pueri, puerorum, pueris. ‘Puella’ parey: puella, puellam, puellae, puellarum, puellis. Pran enn fraz SVO: size+ verb+ obze. Nom Morisien ‘garson’ li pa sanz form me mo Laten ‘puer’ li sanze si li obze verb. Li vinn ‘puerum’. So form plis enportan ki so plas dan fraz.

Anglosaxon li ti enn lang enflexion. Donk plas mo dan fraz li ti segonder. Me dan Angle modern lord mo dan fraz li fondamantal. Si deplas enn mo, mining sanze. Ekzanp: “The boy loves the girl” ek “The girl loves the boy” pa vedir mem zafer.

Bann verb Anglosaxon ti ena boukou form. Verb dan Angle modern ena maximum 5 form (eat, eats, ate, eating, eaten); minimum 3 form (cut, cuts, cutting). Gran mazorite (verb regilie) ena 4 form (jump, jumps, jumping, jumped). Dan Morisien, bann mo ena enn sel form, exepte bann verb ki fini par vwayel ‘e’ kouma ‘manze’ ki ena 2 form: ‘manze’ ek ‘manz’. ‘Mo manze kan ena’; ‘mo manz dipen’.

Kifer ek kan sa transformasion la ti koumanse? Dapre bann spesialis, pandan 9em siek ti ena enn seri evennman dan Langleter ki liye ar envazion bann Vayking. Pandan 2 siek (8em-10em) ti ena 2 pep dan Langleter e sa 2 pep la ti oblize aprann viv ansam malgre konfli militer. Se dan sa kontex la ki enn kontak/kolizion ant de pep ek zot de lang ti donn nesans enn nouvo lang. Okoumansman li ti enn pijinn, enn lang siper senp ki ti vinn enn zouti kominikasion bazik ant de pep me avek letan bann zanfan metis ti koumans koz li kouma zot lang maternel. Lerla nou dir ki pijinn la finn vinn enn lang kreol.

Pandan apepre 2 siek, William 1 (William the Conqueror) ek bann lerwa ki ti siksed li, ti enpoz Franse dan Lakour Rwayal, dan administrasion, dan lalwa, dan Legliz. Ti pe osi servi Laten. Me onivo popilasion nouvo lang la ti pe devlope e ena prev ki mem bann zanfan aristocrat ti pe koumans servi li. Lerla enn evennman spektakiler ti pez akselerater: talan ek kreativite Chaucer. Enn ekriven doue, ki konn Franse ek Laten, desid pou dir so vision artistik dan lang lepep. Mazik! Lang kreol la ti vinn lang nasional prestiz pou Langleter. Angle, lang idantite enn pep metis ti pran nom so pep. Enn nouvo sivilizasion ti lev latet.

Anmemtan ki Angle ti pe devlope dan enn parti Langleter, dan Lekos enn lot varyete Angle – ‘Angle-Ekose’ – ti pe devlope e kan ti ena enn gran mouvman politik pou kre enn rwayom-ini, Langleter-Irlann-Lekos, e ki Lerwa Lekos, James 6 ti vinn lerwa rwayom-ini la, avek so nouvo nom, James 1, Angle so reyonnman ti grandi. Me bizen osi rapel ki depi Chaucer, kreasion literer an Angle ti pe kas pake.

De gran moman dan istwar Angle se kreasion dramatik ek poetik Shakespeare e tradiksion Labib an Angle ki ti apel King James Bible. Angle ti vinn lang nasional ek ofisiel Rwayom-Ini Britanik.

Kolonizasion Britanik dan Lazi, Lafrik, Lamerik ek Lostrali ti fer lang la vinn mondial e expansion lenflians USA finn fer lang la konn enn pli gran prestiz. Dekolonizasion pa finn diminie so lenportans. Okontrer, li pe vinn lingwafrangka mondial. Get dan Lenn ki pe arrive. Leta Endien pa finn reysi enpoz Inndi partou dan Lenn me, san okenn presion, Angle finn vinn lingwafrangka Lenn e zouti par exselans kreasion literer.

Kifer sa pe arrive? Kimannyer enn lang ki ti ne ena apepre 1,200 an desela finn kapav vinn enn zouti kominikasion endispansab pou limanite? Dan Repiblik Maritim Moris, Angle res enn moter solid pou nou devlopman entegral. Kifer? PARSKI LI ENN LANG KREOL. Enn lang kreol li ena bel souples ek kapasite adaptasion. Dan Moris, mo finn devlop ek teste enn program literesi bileng Morisien-Angle ki pou permet nou gagn enn popilasion konn lir ek ekrir, dan fason fonksionel, sa de lang la.

Bann posibilite bien gran. Mank zis volonte politik.