According to the Rigveda, Indra, Agni and Soma are three important divinities who consume a drink called soma copiously and the worship of Soma is associated with the consumption of that drink which is made from a plant called soma. What is soma plant? No one is sure but there is a belief that it could be cannabis /Indian hemp /marijuana /gandia. Soma is also known as bhang.
In Mauritius, bhang and gandia are associated by many Hindus with certain religious rituals – Divali, Holi and Shivratri. Authorities prefer to look away and not see.
The hullabaloo in connection with Nad’s leader is a clear indication that virgin tarts abound in our country.
We should know that alcohol and tobacco are much, much more dangerous and yet they are legal drugs and prohibition of gandia has simply forced it underground into the black market. A lot of time, money and energy go into repression and is wasted. Moreover this allows for the alarmingly growing rate of consumption of synthetic drugs. Repression has simply not worked anywhere in the world.
Bold decisions are what we need. NOT DECRIMINALISATION BUT LEGALISATION.
Remember also that gandia has curative virtues for certain pathologies.
Virgin tarts, please abstain from reading this.

Date: 16.02.2018

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