ON THE ROAD AGAIN (abridged)


When I was a little boy on the dusty road of Goodlands
I was told I was a ‘Telgu’.
My ‘Telgu’ father fathered a child with a ‘non-Telgu’ girl
Before marrying my mother
A ‘Telgu’ girl from Quartier Militaire
Where she had learnt Tifrer’s and others’ Creole songs
Which she sang to me:
• Pa bate li misie,
• Ler mo ti kontan twa Lilinn,
• Kari lalo milatres,
• Roule mon’pti Sir Zil,
• Nwar, nwar, nwar do mama,
• Charli – O, aret bwar diven banann …

My ‘non-Telgu’ friends who spoke Creole and Bhojpuri
Loved to tease me.
For them ‘tel’ was ‘oil’ and ‘gu’ was ‘shit’
And so I was – what was I? –
Oily shit or shitty oil?

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Dan nou pei nou ena 2 lang kreol. Nou lang nasional (Morisien) ek nou lang ofisiel (Angle) zot toulede lang kreol.
In our country there are 2 creole languages. Our national language (Mauritian) and our official language (English) are both creole languages.
Dan nenport ki lang ena enn varyete mo. Bann mo la zot klase dan diferan KLAS MO.
In any language there is a variety of words. They are placed in different WORD CLASSES.
1.nom; 2. verb; 3. azektif; 4. adverb; 5. determinan; 6. pronom; 7. Prepozision; 8. Konzonksion; 9. Interzeksion/exklamasion.
1.nouns; 2. verbs; 3. adjectives; 4. adverbs; 5. determiners; 6. pronouns; 7. prepositions; 8. conjunctions; 9. interjections/ exclamations.
Ena 2 kalite nom: nom komen ek nom prop.
There are 2 types of nouns: common nouns and proper nouns.
Enn nom li idantifie enn dimoun; enn kiksoz; enn lide.
A common noun identifies a person, a thing, an idea.
1. Dimoun/ people: papa, mama, tonton, tantinn, vwazen, labourer, peser, frer, ser … father, mother, uncle, aunt, neighbour, labourer, fisher, brother, sister
2. Kiksoz/ thing: latab, sez, lakaz, lisien, sat, bef, vas, gato, pie-mang, legim … table, chair, house, dog, cat, ox, cow, cake, mango tree, vegetable …
3. Lide/ idea: bote, lazwa, lafwa, anbision, laverite, danze … beauty, happiness, faith, ambition, truth, danger …

Nom prop li donn idantite enn dimoun, enn landrwa ek enn kiksoz.
A proper noun gives an identity to a person, a place or a thing.
1. Dimoun/ people: Dev, Stefani, Koushi, Sofia, Berty …
2. Landrwa/ place: Rozil, Moris, Langleter, Goudlenns …
3. Kiksoz/ thing: Zanvie, Lendi, Mauritius Times, Weekly, Hamlet, Li …
NB pou nom prop premie let alfabet li kapital.

Pou endik pliryel Morisien servi ‘bann’ ki nou plas avan nom; anzeneral Angle endik pliryel ar ‘s’ ki plase alafen enn nom.
To indicate the plural form Mauritian uses ‘bann’ which is placed before the noun; English in general places ‘s’ at the end of the noun.
EKZANP: enn latab > a table; bann latab > tables; enn sez > a chair; bann sez > chairs.

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